Juan Avellaneda defends Isabel Preysler from Carmen Lomana's attacks: "She is losing her mind"

It is well known that Carmen Lomana does not mince words.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
02 December 2023 Saturday 15:28
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Juan Avellaneda defends Isabel Preysler from Carmen Lomana's attacks: "She is losing her mind"

It is well known that Carmen Lomana does not mince words. If something characterizes the businesswoman, it is her ability to speak loudly and clearly, regardless of the consequences. The television collaborator was also very harsh with Isabel Preysler because of the documentary she has recorded for Disney. There are many who believe that he went too far when it came to measuring her words, one of them, the designer Juan Avellaneda, who came forward before Europa Press to defend the mother of his great friend, Tamara Falcó.

It will be next December 5 when the aforementioned platform releases the 'queen of hearts' documentary. So far, the trailers that have been released have not disappointed. Seeing 'the Preysler' having tea in a housecoat is not something you see every day, which is why it has already been widely commented on. On her side, Carmen Lomana, was very critical of the socialite's lack of "elegance."

Lomana was attending the Women of Today Awards ceremony in Madrid when she attended to the media and mercilessly stoked Isabel Preysler's new documentary series, even though she assured beforehand that she was not going to say anything "impertinent" because they were only "known." Carmen believes that the fact that Isabel Preysler has carried out this project is a mistake, since she will end with that halo of "mystery" that has surrounded her since she began to be a public figure.

"I'm not interested. I have some curiosity, but not much," the businesswoman stated bluntly, before launching a harsh criticism against the Filipino: "You have to do something really luxurious, not such vulgar things. Having breakfast in a robe printed that matched the curtain," Lomana noted then. These criticisms have not been liked by Isabel's entourage, and the last to speak out about these statements has been Juan Avellaneda, one of the most recognized designers in our country and a close friend, by the way, of Tamara Falcó, Isabel's daughter.

The designer made it clear that he did not understand the criticism. "Isabel is the most elegant person in Spain, she is spectacular, super educated, she knows how to be, she is a person from whom you learn a lot, there are no buts. I will also tell you, when you expose yourself, there may be people who like you and the one that doesn't, but let's go," Juan expressed. "Sometimes Carmen gets a little out of her mind," he then expressed, making it clear that he totally disagrees with his statements.

Regarding the documentary, he assured that "I have seen some things, but I have not seen it in its entirety, I found out when they were in process." The designer claimed that when the Marquise de Griñón was in the process of recording her own documentary for Netflix, he told her that her mother should be her next one. "We already said it when we filmed Tamara, every now and then I told her your mother would have to make a documentary, because she watches," he said, laughing.

Regarding the bad comments that the socialite has received, the designer believes that “there will always be criticism,” since “people are very annoying.” "People get very bored and take their frustrations out on everyone else, there is a bit of a heavy movement there," he stated, assuring that the best thing is to ignore gossip, advice that will surely come in handy for Isabel these days. where you will receive a lot of negative comments.