Gemma Geis will be the Junts en Girona candidate

There was no room for surprise.

Thomas Osborne
Thomas Osborne
02 December 2022 Friday 12:32
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Gemma Geis will be the Junts en Girona candidate

There was no room for surprise. The former Minister for Research and Universities Gemma Geis will be the candidate of Junts per Catalunya in Girona in the next municipal elections, in May 2023.

The leader of the formation has been unanimously ratified this Friday in a local assembly of the formation of Jordi Turull and Laura Borràs. She was the only candidate who presented herself after the resignation of Assumption Puig at the end of September, with all the mess about the consultation to leave the Government in the making.

In a statement, Junts per Girona has assured that Gemma Geis has been "grateful for the trust and support" and that she wants to lead a candidacy that includes "multiple views, capable of adding talent and giving new impetus to face new challenges who come".

Likewise, the general secretary of Junts, Jordi Turull, has expressed his support for the candidate and has stressed that "municipal policy is demanding and grateful at the same time", and that this Friday begins a new stage "with a really exciting project". .

From the beginning, and before the JxCat militancy opted to leave the coalition Executive with Esquerra, the name of Geis, who is a professor at the University of Girona, sounded strong and in the express primaries that have been held has had a rival

Geis was the only minister favorable to the departure of the Government, although she did not campaign for it. At first, in the executive meetings, for which she was elected in June in Argelers, she asked for calm, but then she opted to break the coalition.

After leaving the ministry in the hands of another man from Girona, the former socialist mayor of Girona Joaquim Nadal, he rejoined the university of his city as a teacher.