Feijóo blames the PSOE for not being a "state party"

Praise for yours and criticism for the rest.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
01 April 2023 Saturday 06:25
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Feijóo blames the PSOE for not being a "state party"

Praise for yours and criticism for the rest. The popular Alberto Núñez Feijóo celebrated his first year at the head of the national PP on Monday, charging against the majority of parliamentary formations before presenting himself as the “only real guarantee of political change” for Spain.

In an act held this Saturday in Zaragoza, he blamed the PSOE for no longer being "a state party" and having become a movement "captive of the will of a single man". In his opinion, the socialist formation has abandoned the values ​​of constitutional defense and has lost respect for the institutions and the given word "as its leader breaks all his electoral commitments."

In addition to the socialists, Feijóo also distributed to the left and right. Regarding the former, in a thinly veiled reference to the imminent presentation of Sumar, he related the presentation of this new “space” with “the usual populism”. “They need to look new and change their name every four years, but they have been in politics for decades” with the same ideas, projects and internal quarrels, he said.

"The more well-known they are, the less they vote for," he stressed to justify the new format with which the second vice president of the Executive, Yolanda Díaz, plans to represent the space to the left of the Socialists.

For his part, he reproached Vox, also without naming them, that "he says he is like the PP, but he always proposes not to vote for him" and that at key moments "he always helps Sánchez", a probable reference to the recently unsuccessful motion of no confidence. . There were also darts for Bildu or Esquerra, parties "that command a lot" despite their small size and that want to "destroy the Spanish Constitution."

"We have been suffering from a frivolous, inexperienced and careless policy for too long," in which the government criticizes businessmen, journalists, judges or, now, country people and ranchers, he added.

Given this panorama, he presented the PP as a serious and committed formation that has the "best service record" of the last 40 years despite the mistakes made, and that it is the "only real guarantee of political change" to turn the page on sanchismo . "We are the great party of this country," he stressed.

The speakers at the event, among whom was the mayor of Zaragoza and candidate for the presidency of Aragon, Jorge Azcón, agreed to praise the work of a Feijóo capable of taming the troubled waters of a party that a year ago was experiencing the "greatest crisis of its history”. That internal war between the leadership and Isabel Díaz Ayuso resulted in the fall of Pablo Casado and his right-hand man in Genoa, Teodoro García Egea.

Since then, they pointed out that under the leadership of the Galician the formation has been able to rise in the polls, add new affiliates -almost 12,000 in 12 months, according to the formation itself- and reinforce internal unity, a previous step for what they hope will be the final assault on Moncloa.

The PP is "better than a year ago," said the Galician, who promised that, within 365 days, this improvement would also be felt in Spain. "Faced with a government that is shrinking day by day, which is more divided and is the reference of the past, the PP is a party that is growing and the reference of the future," he concluded.