Day 4 Important takeaways from Trump's 2nd impeachment trial: Trump Attorneys make Shield of former president

Trump's defense team employed only 2 1/2 hours of the allocated 16 hours.

Day 4 Important takeaways from Trump's 2nd impeachment trial: Trump Attorneys make Shield of former president

Trump's defense team employed only 2 1/2 hours of the allocated 16 hours.

14 February 2021 Sunday 05:42
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Day 4 Important takeaways from Trump's 2nd impeachment trial: Trump Attorneys make Shield of former president

Donald Trump's attorneys took on the Senate floor Friday for just under three months and harshly argued that Democrats lacked evidence to associate the president to inciting the Jan. 6 riot about the Capitol -- rather asserting his remarks which afternoon were protected free speech and Democrats were prompted by their own hatred of Trump.

Their demonstration -- that made no reference of a number of Trump's own remarks about the riot along with his extensive effort to sow uncertainty in the election and also overturn the outcomes -- depended greatly on out-of-context videos of Democrats saying the term"struggle" over menacing music, in a bid to equivocate between his remarks before the storming of this Capitol and Democrats' very own language.

Their abbreviated arguments have been a sharp contrast to the meticulous, multiday demonstration from Democrats, but the event provided no fresh signs that 17 Republicans will vote to defraud Trump.

A last vote could come as soon as Saturday, when the Senate is scheduled to reconvene in 10 a.m.

Here are six Important takeaways from Day Four:

Trump's lawyers, David Schoen, Bruce Castor and Michael van der Veen, sought to recast Trump's speech and tone round the Jan. 6 riot on Friday, putting out an alternate deadline surrounding the assault that distanced Trump in the telescope in the Capitol.

Castor, who had been panned because of his execution at the onset of the trial, contended that the riot was preplanned and Trump"was instant from his calls for calm," dismissing Trump's tweet assaulting then-Vice President Mike Pence, the hours of silence by the White House and Trump's video message to the rioters, when he stated,"Go home. We adore you."

While Democrats pointed into Trump's words to assert he spent riling up fans to dispute the election results, and mimicked a confrontation on Jan. 6 if Congress certified the consequences, Trump's lawyers rather falsely denied that he had glorified violence.

They also hunted to downplay Trump's telephone call together with the Georgia secretary of state in January, when he encouraged Republican Brad Raffensperger to"locate" sufficient votes to reverse the nation's results.

"It's apparent the President Trump's remarks and also the usage of the phrase'locate' were solely related to his own issues with the inexplicable, striking fall in Georgia's ballot rejection rates," Castor said, after originally mixing Raffensperger's final name and Ben Roethlisberger's, the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback.

The telephone is currently under investigation from Georgia.

"This unprecedented attempt isn't about Democrats conflicting political violence. It's all about Democrats attempting to disqualify their political resistance. It's Constitutional cancel civilization," van der Veen said.

The defense, along with the combative nature of Trump's attorneys, led to increased tensions on Friday.

Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., the direct impeachment director, angrily said Friday, asserting that Trump had been"reveling" in clashes between his supporters and protesters in his campaign rallies.

Senators lobbed 24 queries in supervisors and Trump's defense team -- also obtained much fewer answers.

Trump's attorneys were driven by various important Republicans regarding what Trump knew about the assault on the Capitol and when, and exactly what he didn't prevent it.

Van der Veen distracted these questions and indicated he did not understand the answers -- advice owned by his customer -- and assaulted Democrats for failing to conduct a detailed investigation into the assault in the House until they impeached Trump.

Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, who requested about Trump's activities to finish the riot and asked his attorneys"be as comprehensive as you can," told colleagues she had been left disappointed with the response.

"I did not actually believe that I've got a reply, but I am not sure that was the fault of this counselor," she explained. "Among the issues is with the House not having hearings to establish precisely what happened when, it is hard to answer a question such as that."

Democrats have contended that a protracted evaluation was unnecessary given how lately the riot unfolded along with the extensive job from law enforcement to monitor and prosecute the rioters. They also wished to move fast to defraud Trump since they contended he represented a direct danger to democracy within their last days in office.

Cassidy notes captured on camera

Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-La., has indicated a willingness to think about convicting Trump, following unexpected Republicans in Louisiana and the Senate by encouraging the constitutionality of this trial .

Even a Washington Post photographer seen the Republican, among many who might side with Democrats in the decision of the trial, studying notes said the home group"failed to connect the dots to reveal President Trump understood the assault on the Capitol was likely to become violent and lead to the reduction of life," indicating he's leaning toward acquittal.

Asked about the draft announcement, Cassidy told The Washington Post the packet he had been spotted reviewing also contained a statement"moving another way," and claimed that he has not decided how he'll vote.

The Louisiana senator has stated the question of exactly what Trump understood on Jan. 6 because Pence was evacuated in the room is an integral issue in his or her mind.

He requested Trump's attorneys about the president's phone with Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., that afternoon -- until Pence was ushered from the room -- and if Trump understood that Pence was jeopardized and police officers were"overwhelmed." (Tuberville has told me he advised Trump of Pence's flight in the Senate.)

Cassidy appeared frustrated with van der Veen's answer, and has been seen pacing from the room throughout the trial.

Trump's attorneys will not state he dropped election

In one of several combative moments throughout the question-and-answer section of the trial, van der Veen bristled when Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., requested him Trump won the election -- hard him to react to Trump's baseless claims in the crux of his attempt to overthrow the election.

he asked.

"I did," Sanders cried back out of his desk.

"My ruling is immaterial in this moving," van der Veen responded, prompting Sanders to shout ,"You signify the president of the USA!"

Van der Veen didn't answer the question in his reply, repeating the problem was"insignificant" and attempted to assert the riot"did not have anything to do with Mr. Trump in any manner."

Trial on course to wrap around weekend

Trump's legal group employed just 2 1/2 of those 16 hours allocated to them for discussions on Friday, permitting the Senate to take up senators' queries Friday afternoon.

Following a controversial couple of hours, then the Senate adjourned, teeing up a vote and debate over witnesses.

When some lawmakers spanned a censure of Trump immediately after the Jan. 6 riot, many senators have refused to entertain the subject through the trial.

"Let us just see what the circumstance is and what their answer is to this, but I am not acting upon something which has not occurred yet."

Goodman was praised following Jan. 6 for deflecting rioters from Pence along with the Senate chamber. But supervisors also disclosed through the trial he helped lead Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, to security as the Capitol was busted.

"The entire world learned about the amazing, amazing bravery of Officer Goodman on this particular day," Schumer said.

Goodman was at the room as Schumer made the statement, which prompted a standing ovation in the Senate,'' Trump's defense staff and the House managers, as everybody turned and confronted Goodman, who had been positioned in the rear of the room.

Pelosi has proposed awarding the total Capitol Police induce the Congressional Gold Medal too.



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