Climate, wars, technology or how to learn to live in a permanent crisis

It seems a paradox to think that expecting the unexpected could be the new carpe diem.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
31 March 2024 Sunday 10:22
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Climate, wars, technology or how to learn to live in a permanent crisis

It seems a paradox to think that expecting the unexpected could be the new carpe diem. But it is not if we take into account the context in which we live, marked by a type of permanent crisis that affects millions of people and companies.

The World Economic Forum, in its 2024 Global Risks Report prepared in collaboration with Zurich Insurance Group and Marsh McLennan, calls “structural forces” as the new titans of the 21st century mythology: climate change, demographic changes, technology and geopolitics. Year after year, more interconnected.

The combination of these forces results in risks that we know and suffer: extreme weather, cybercrime and crises in energy supplies (and the cost of living), without taking into account a sociopolitical polarization that is no longer the exception, but the norm. Everything, which is not a little, is part of the new vital furniture in which our companies operate daily.

Added to the difficulties inherent to its activity are problems that once seemed distant, but whose effects are increasingly palpable. This is what the board looks like today, where variables play that fully impact your income statement.

In this scenario, the priority is no longer (only) to reverse, but to confront this set of threats with which we cohabit. “We must recognize the magnitude of the risk, but remain optimistic that we can and will respond in ways that avoid and mitigate the worst risks,” says Gill Einhorn, Head of Innovation and Transformation, Center for Nature and Climate at the Economic Forum World.

If we talk about climate, reducing emissions is the fastest lever to postpone or avoid critical changes, but preparing for a cycle change that is already tangible may be the most efficient solution in the short and medium term.

An idea that Zurich Seguros highlights in its latest international campaign. Its objective is to raise awareness among companies about the importance of protecting themselves and preparing for the growing variety of risks they face today. Perhaps it is no coincidence that the campaign video was filmed in Spain, a country that Zurich highlights as a pioneer market in climate risk management. Nor is it true that the campaign motto is “prepared to face the future.”

With more than 150 years of experience in the sector, the company focuses on the importance of understanding, managing and minimizing risks in a segment it knows well: the business fabric, from medium to large companies, including 85% of firms. of the Ibex 35.

The demand is a fact. Last year alone, the workforce dedicated to the business segment increased by 19%. “This campaign wants to reflect that, in a world where business risks are increasingly diverse, from climate emergencies to economic crises, it is crucial not only to have adequate protection, but also to prevent. Business is unpredictable, but thanks to our With experience and innovation we can accompany companies, prepare them for the unexpected and protect them when they need it,” says Anna-Marie Jarvis, Business Director of Zurich Seguros. To address the particularity of each business, the insurer has implemented programs adapted to meet specific risks, with great agility and efficiency in contact with clients and mediators thanks to specific management tools and a personalized relationship that facilitates continuous contact. with the insurer.