Circular fashion for round sustainability

Sustainability is a word closely linked to our times.

19 September 2022 Monday 10:08
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Circular fashion for round sustainability

Sustainability is a word closely linked to our times. In this 21st century, concern for our environment and the application of environmental policies - which free our environment from the aggression of pollution and the waste of resources - has practically become a religion. Only our awareness can contribute to reversing a wasteful and unsustainable trend that began a few decades ago with the boom in consumerism.

Fashion could not escape this trend. The sector that is in charge of coloring society and endowing it with elegance could not avoid the respectful current that, little by little, our society is assuming when it comes to dressing. And it is that the fabric sector cannot be left out, especially considering that, at present, it is the second most polluting industry on the planet.

With this letter of introduction, fashion is beginning to be rethought from a circular economy perspective, manufacturing fabrics and pieces that can later be reused on multiple occasions, as well as a production process that respects the primary elements used for its creation. .

We can define circular fashion as that in which we try to remove waste and pollution from the productive formula, while products and raw materials continue to be used for as long as possible, through reuse and recycling for the regeneration of waste. natural resources.

Within the will that La Vanguardia constantly demonstrates to divulge those topics of general interest that surround us, the newspaper intends to offer a round table to address the transformation of the fashion sector and the presentation of technologies that will promote this change.

To this end, the event will be attended by Marylin Martínez, Fashion Project Manager at the Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation Circular Economy, who will focus the debate by highlighting the need for our society to evolve towards a circular economy model. In the same way, she will specify the projects that are being developed at an international level to transform the textile sector.

Albert Alberich, director of Moda Re-, will be another of the speakers at the conference who will relate the mechanism of the largest used clothing operator in Spain. It is a social initiative, promoted by Cáritas Española, which collects up to 40% of the country's used clothing and recycles it in plants that have advanced technologies. A circular project and social and labor insertion of the first order.

At the same time, Jordi Bonareu, CEO and founder of Hallotex, a leading company in sustainable textile manufacturing for more than 25 years, will explain his company's commitment to products created from textile waste. As well as its transformation through technology into new certified raw materials.

Finally, Enric Carrera, director of the Intexter-UPC and an expert in research into new sustainable fabrics, will provide knowledge of new materials to bring fabric production closer to a more sustainable system.

This edition of La Vanguardia Talks will be moderated by the journalist specializing in fashion, Joana Bonet. It will be held on Tuesday, September 27, at 6:00 p.m., in the La Pedrera auditorium in Barcelona. The public will be able to follow the development of the colloquium in person (5:40 p.m.) by registering at or by streaming, through the website



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