Aragón Existe asks for the useful vote to be able to condition the next executive

In Teruel Existe-Aragón Existe they feel that this is their moment.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
23 May 2023 Tuesday 16:23
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Aragón Existe asks for the useful vote to be able to condition the next executive

In Teruel Existe-Aragón Existe they feel that this is their moment. Spurred on by the good results predicted by the polls -between 3 and 5 deputies in their first appearance in regional politics-, the coalition aspires to be key in the formation of the new government and condition its policies on issues such as the fight against depopulation or the implementation of renewable energies. "Territorial balance is our main objective," said its leader, Deputy Tomás Guitarte, on Tuesday during the central act of his campaign held in Zaragoza

The referent formation of Empty Spain is positioned day by day in the community as the great one desired by the two great national parties. The socialist Javier Lambán would need them to fit a complicated progressive coalition that allows him to continue in the presidency for a third term. For his part, the popular Jorge Azcón sees in the Teruel formation the pawn that would make it easier for him to checkmate with the indispensable help of Vox.

While one and the other tempt them, those from Guitarte observe from the sidelines and talk about transversality without showing their preferences beyond their “no” to any arrangement in which the extreme right appears. "We do not come to situate ourselves on ideological axes, we come to work for objectives and to solve problems," the deputy settled.

The formation once again made it clear on Tuesday what its demands are: fight against depopulation in a community where 52% of its inhabitants live in 2% of the territory; improving communications; quality services -ambulances, schools- "no matter where you live"; and a transparent and orderly implementation of renewables that respects the natural and cultural heritage of the territory.

“We can be the vanguard of all this movement to demand, to bet on balanced development. We seek to make Aragon stronger by giving opportunities to all the regions and neighbors that suffer from these problems of depopulation or share our community model, ”he said at the event.

In this sense, the formation also aspires to give a new role to the capital maña, which brings together more than half of the community's population and a large part of its economic resources in its streets. "Zaragoza cannot contemplate from a vantage point of indifference what is happening in this depopulated wasteland," criticized its mayoral candidate, Raúl Burillo, who asked to take advantage of its economic potential so that it spreads "like an oil stain" throughout the rest Of the territory.

During the act, the coalition was supported by the first swords of Empty Spain. The spokesman for Soria Ya, Angel Peña, showed his support for this coalition for its fight for territorial structuring at a time when "the fourth province of Aragon is the Sorianos who have emigrated to Zaragoza" (there are some 13,000 Soria registered in the the capital maña).

“This coalition is the way to overcome this two-speed Spain, that of the big cities with the best jobs and that of the small cities and the rural world that is running out of services. This project can overcome this situation and be a real revolution, ”he stressed.

For her part, the general coordinator of España Vaciada, Inmaculada Sáez, also joined this demand and supported the coalition. "Everyone has the right to be able to count on public health, quality education and social services that serve everyone", which is why these acronyms "achieve many things not only for Teruel or Aragón, but for all of Spain".