All the 'cons'... in two clicks

La Vanguardia celebrates the 25th anniversary of La Contra with a gift for subscribers: todas las contras, in two clicks.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
18 November 2023 Saturday 03:22
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All the 'cons'... in two clicks

La Vanguardia celebrates the 25th anniversary of La Contra with a gift for subscribers: todas las contras, in two clicks. Our website ( opens a nice search tree of the archive of the 7,000 interviews published on the back cover by Víctor Amela, Ima Sanchís and Lluís Amiguet.

Simply click on a category in the row of windows at the header of the La Contra portal: a range of subcategories opens, for a second click. “When will you publish a book with all the cons?”, loyal readers suggest to us... Here it is: said book is this digital file on every mobile phone, laptop or tablet!

“A contra changed my life,” confesses some reader: it is the greatest compliment for this section: our ambition is to move, excite or illuminate the reader's spirit. And here you can rediscover that magical counter and revisit and reread it!

The categories of the entrance windows encourage various curiosities: “They fight to change the world”, “They delight us with their art”, “They help us understand science”, “They are masters of business”, “Athletes, players and adventurers "... There is more, until completing a long twenty: "They invite us to be happier", "They address health issues", "They know the ins and outs of politics", "Shocking testimonies"...

Through which of these windows would the restless reader prefer to enter? Perhaps for “Witnesses and explorers of the past”, perhaps for “Their testimonies are shocking”, for “They make our lives more enjoyable” or for “They make society advance”. And he will also see other more explicit categories, such as “Proper names” or “They are reputable professionals.”

Oh, and the reader can also look around in the “Special Cons” category, namely: our VideoContras (audiovisual interviews from 2021 to 2023), TikTokContra and NewsletterContra.

The La Vanguardia subscriber will enjoy it (8 euros/month, 80 euros/year), and it is a display of the Documentation and Newspaper Library services, which have modeled and designed a simple and stimulating search tree, practical and fun. And with curiosity about currency. After each category, the search engine opens a range of subcategories, to guide the curious towards The Contra that satisfies their curiosity... or that will divert them to come across cons that will resonate, trigger memories, refresh ideas... Or with cons that They went unnoticed... and now they will be stimulating: everything comes to us when we are prepared to receive it. We have learned this in La Contra.

They have already been digitized and categorized in the contras published from 2010 to today, and the most remote ones will be included until reaching January 13, 1998, the day of the first Contra. Tomorrow's and subsequent ones will automatically upload to this file, labeled in the mentioned categories and subcategories.

Let's do tests... Let's enter, for example, "They delight us with their art": here subcategories such as "Their cinema is committed" are displayed (and within we will reach cons with Costa-Gavras, David Trueba, Sergio Cabrera...) , “They have expanded the frontiers of art” (and Antoni Miralda, Manel de Aguas, Tina Turner dance...), or, “Painters and other visual artists” (Antoni Pitxot, Antonio López, Perico Pastor...).

Another proof: “They help us understand science”, and the subcategories are displayed “They are renowned astrophysicists” (such as Avi Loeb, Lisa Kaltenegger, Michio Kaku…), “They tell us about genes and DNA” (David Bueno, Salvador Macip, Sharon Moalem...), or, among others, “Word of a Nobel Prize” (fifty).

And there is a very Contra category, see: “They invite us to be happier”, with subcategories such as “They offer the keys to well-being” (Claudio Naranjo, Claire Ducreux, Robert Lustig...), “They talk about love and life in couple” (Joan Garriga, Giorgio Nardone, Walter Riso...), “They encourage us to be optimistic” (Enrique Rojas, Elsa Punset, Eva Illouz...), “They address sexuality openly” (Antonio Bolinches).. .and to infinity! And beyond, because in five years we will celebrate 30 years of cons with our curious readers, our teachers.