North korea destroys the liaison office inter-Korean

they Are low hours to diplomacy, inter-Korean. After two years in which the Korean staged a thrilling process approach –yes, cooled in the last months–, Pyon

17 June 2020 Wednesday 15:27
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North korea destroys the liaison office inter-Korean

they Are low hours to diplomacy, inter-Korean. After two years in which the Korean staged a thrilling process approach –yes, cooled in the last months–, Pyongyang dynamited yesterday, literally, the dialogue between the two with the demolition of the liaison office inter-Korean. If the opening of this center in the 2018 awoke the illusions to see crystallize a lasting peace in the future, its unilateral destruction foreshadows turbulent times in the always complicated Korean peninsula.

The statement from Pyongyang left little doubt. “The joint office between the North and the South was completely destroyed. We have already discontinued all lines of communication between both parties,” said the text. The news had been released a few hours earlier in Seoul, whose military they heard a powerful detonation in the town of north Korean Kaesong, close to the border between the two countries, which was followed by a dense column of smoke.

the version of The regime...

The North says that it is a retaliation to the sending of balloons with propaganda from the South

a few days Ago, North Korea already threatened to destroy this building as symbolic as the retaliation to the sending of balloons with counter propaganda to the communist regime on the part of activists –for the most part, defecting north koreans– from the South. The authorities southern did not listen to their demands and called for the activist groups to stop their releases, considering in addition the possibility of legislating to put an end to this activity. However, it seems that the North was not taken seriously by those measures.

The weekend, Kim Yo Jong, the apparently growing more powerful sister of the dictator, Kim Jong un, already warned about the possibility of demolishing the building.

After hearing the news, the south Korean Government convened a meeting of his National Security Council, that his term he regretted “deeply” the action to north korea. The destruction hits “the expectations of those who want to push the inter-Korean relations and establishing peace on the peninsula”, said in a statement. In addition, they made it clear that “the responsibility of all incidents incurred (this movement) rests entirely on North Korea,” which warned that they will respond “firmly” if you are still taking steps in this direction.

The bureau is now in ruins was short-lived but intense. Its opening it was agreed during the summit in September 2018 held in the capital of north korea, Kim and the president of southern, Mun Jae In, who this year met three times. With its four floors, and a cost of eight million euros (paid by Seoul), its opening at the end of that year it was one of the milestones of the approach diplomat starred in by two neighbors who, technically, are still at war. It was expected that its implementation was the preliminary step that would lead to the opening of diplomatic missions in both territories.

growing Tension

Pyongyang pulled out its last staff members of the bureau in January, with the excuse of the virus

however, after the failure of the summit of denuclearization between the U.S. and North Korea in Hanoi, in February of 2019, Pyongyang was hardening its stance with Washington and, of bounce, with its ally south korea. In fact, the north Korean regime decided to withdraw from the liaison office to the greater part of his staff as a sign of his displeasure. The arrival of the coronavirus in January was the perfect excuse to get to the few officials who were still there operating.

After a few months in the pandemic, has been undisputed protagonist, the relationship between the neighbors began to deteriorate with complaints north korea on the sending of the leaflets. A few days ago, Pyongyang cut off the lines of communication open with the South, calling it “enemy”.

in Addition, hours before knocking down the office, the army north korea said he has been in charge of the development of a “plan of action” for “turning the front line into a strength, and further increase military surveillance of the South”. That plan would be accompanied by the return of soldiers to north koreans in areas that had been demilitarized previously under the agreements reached with Seoul.

...Or a red herring

analysts believe that Kim Jong un tap to achieve economic benefits

Although it is true that balloons with propaganda are a nuisance, analysts consider that the response of the North is nothing more than a strategy to push to try to get benefits for its ailing economy –drowned by the sanctions and, now, the virus– and to make known his anger at the lack of progress in its talks with the united States. “ leaflets are an excuse or justification to raise your bet, to manufacture a crisis and intimidate Seoul to get what they want,” said Duyeon Kim, an analyst at the International Crisis Group.

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