7 wines with excellent value for money

It is not necessary to spend a fortune to be able to enjoy a good wine and these bottles that are made in different parts of the country prove it.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
05 September 2023 Tuesday 10:26
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7 wines with excellent value for money

It is not necessary to spend a fortune to be able to enjoy a good wine and these bottles that are made in different parts of the country prove it. Most have a cost of less than 15 euros, so pockets resentful of vacation expenses will appreciate it. Sparkling, white, rosé or red... Choose the one that best suits your tastes.

It is an organic and very pleasant wine made by Jesús Madrazo, who recently joined this family project as an oenologist. It is aged for 6 months to respect the joviality, fruit and more primary aromas of the Tempranillo grape, which is the dominant variety in the blend. It has a good concentration of black fruit, flowers, spices and a touch of leaves. In the mouth the wine is fluid and fresh.

The Ribeiro Designation of Origin is the oldest in Galicia. It owes its fame more to its white wines and its reds are increasingly surprising. Tinalla is a wine made by Javier Estévez and it represents very well its origin and the red varieties of these parts. It is a floral wine, with herbal notes and fresh red fruit. On the palate it is juicy and enjoys good acidity. At its end, the herbal notes chime again and it is mineral. Its stay in a clay jar for 6 months adds complexity.

A fresh, saline, intense and pungent manzanilla is always a hit, especially gastronomically speaking. It is perfect to harmonize with different dishes that are still summery and especially in their places of origin. Valdespino is one of the most traditional wineries in the area and its vineyards belong to the famous Macharnudo Alto estate. It is very intense on the nose, where floral notes, raw almonds, olives and marine touches stand out. In the mouth it is wide, fresh and very long on the finish.

Sweet and highly prized wine from the Canary Islands, golden in color and very complex as a whole. It is made with overripe grapes and thanks to the variety's good acidity, the future wine will enjoy great balance. On the nose it has candied fruit such as dried apricots, orange, flowers like chamomile and aromas of honey. In the mouth it is unctuous and very fragrant on the palate. A long aging is predicted.

Naranjas Azules is a very special rosé wine, since it is made as a white wine, made from red grapes. High altitude, a granite soil with outcrops of slate, day and night thermal jump and old vines are key ingredients for this interesting project. It is fermented in concrete tanks. Its color is very pale pink with dominance of red fruit such as strawberry, cherry, floral touches and balsamic notes. The palate is subtle in the step and its acidity gives it freshness.

From the Ollauri area in La Rioja Alta we find a winery with a great tradition such as Conde Los Andes and a classic among the classics. His patience and care have allowed us to enjoy old vintages that are very well supported by the good acidity that characterizes these white wines. This semi-sweet is a success, especially for those who opt for this type of wine. In aromas it is very floral, with ripe white fruit, touches of bakery and pastry. In the mouth, the sweetness is very subtle and the acidity matches it perfectly.

This rosé cava with a delicate bubble is made by Gramona, one of the most emblematic wineries in sparkling wines. The work in the vineyard is ecological and with biodynamic practices. Its color is raspberry pink and its bubbles are fine. In aromas, the floral ones stand out, red berries, currants, strawberries, apricot-type stone fruit and hints of grass. The palate is fruity, with crunchy bubbles and a floral finish.