5 stick vacuum cleaners that will transform your cleaning routine due to their convenience and speed

There are many types of vacuum cleaners: sled, robot, handheld, bagged, bagless.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
11 February 2024 Sunday 15:27
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5 stick vacuum cleaners that will transform your cleaning routine due to their convenience and speed

There are many types of vacuum cleaners: sled, robot, handheld, bagged, bagless... The options when buying a new vacuum cleaner for the home are very wide. Among them, the broom-type model stands out because they are much more comfortable to use and, in addition, they take up very little space when storing them.

If you are considering purchasing one of these vacuum cleaners, at El Comprador de La Vanguardia we will tell you everything you should take into account to make a good choice according to your cleaning needs. We also leave you a list of 5 broom vacuum cleaners with very good ratings from their buyers.

Upright vacuum cleaners are known as brooms due to their shape. They are designed to take up little space at home and to make vacuuming a more manageable and simple task.

These vacuum cleaners stand out for being much more manageable and comfortable, but their disadvantage is that their tank is much smaller and the suction power is lower than that of traditional vacuum cleaners, those known as 'sleigh'.

They are perfect for smaller spaces and homes because they are lighter and more comfortable to handle. Also, because its autonomy is usually 30 to 60 minutes, which does not allow you to vacuum an entire large house on a single charge.

They are also very convenient if you have stairs at home, because this vacuum cleaner is much more portable than other models for going up and down.

Stick vacuum cleaners can be corded or cordless. Those that have a cable have more power, but we are totally dependent on having a power outlet nearby, which takes away from comfort.

Those that do not have a cable are very manageable and allow us total freedom of movement without having to think about the plug. The downside to doing away with a cable is the suction power. This model is not that powerful and, furthermore, its autonomy is not very long. But despite the disadvantages of not having cable, consumers prefer them.

There are also several models of broom vacuum cleaners that incorporate a hand-held model to clean corners, upholstery or the car.

Our recommended models are bagless and cordless, because they offer the main advantage of these vacuum cleaners, which is their comfort. They also have good suction power and acceptable autonomy.

Discover the revolution in cleaning your home with the Dyson V8 Absolute stick vacuum cleaner. This lightweight and versatile device offers you the power and autonomy necessary to face any challenge, guaranteeing a deep clean on all surfaces. Its advanced technology captures even the smallest particles, leaving your environment free of allergens and dust.

Comfort is key, and its cordless design will allow you to move freely through every corner of your home without restrictions. In addition, its hygienic emptying system ensures clean and direct waste disposal, without the need to come into contact with dirt. With the Dyson V8 Absolute, every day is an opportunity to breathe purer air and enjoy a spotless home.

Immerse yourself in the ultimate cleaning experience with the Rowenta Xforce Flex 9.60 Allergy, the cordless stick vacuum cleaner that redefines efficiency and comfort. Designed to adapt to all surfaces, its 200 W power and innovative Flex tube allow you to reach every corner, ensuring a deep clean without effort.

The Smart Control screen keeps you aware of performance in real time, while the Power Led vision system illuminates even the most elusive dust. For lovers of intensive cleaning, the boost trigger is a formidable ally. In addition, its ability to filter up to 99.9% of allergens makes it the guardian of your well-being at home.

Discover the freedom of cleaning with the AEG QX6-1-45AN cordless vacuum cleaner, a marvel of modern cleaning that combines power, efficiency and design. With its 18 V battery, enjoy up to 45 minutes of autonomy to cover all corners of your home without interruptions. Its cyclonic technology ensures constant suction, while 5-step filtration captures even the smallest particles, keeping the air in your home pure and fresh.

The 0.3L tank is easy to empty and clean, and the motorized brush with LED lights illuminates every dark corner, ensuring a deep clean every time. Its elegant gray design adapts perfectly to any decoration, making it the perfect ally for your cleaning routine.

The Cecotec Conga Rockstar 3500 Storm Flex Animal redefines home cleaning with its innovative 3-in-1 design that combines the efficiency of a stick, handheld and flexible tube vacuum cleaner in a single device. Powered by a powerful 500W motor, this cordless vacuum cleaner achieves an impressive suction power of 30 kPa and 150aW, guaranteeing impeccable results on all types of surfaces.

Its extended autonomy of up to 70 minutes allows complete cleaning sessions without interruptions. The flexible tube makes it easy to access the most difficult corners, while the Jalisco brush captures up to three times as much dust in a single pass. Includes a special accessory for animals, ideal for homes with pets.

Discover the versatility and efficiency of the Taurus HS-2900 vacuum cleaner, an essential tool in any home. With an autonomy of 50 minutes, this 3-in-1 device allows you to clean every corner, from the floor to the ceiling, without interruptions. Its advanced technology includes an EPA filter that captures even the smallest particles, maintaining a purer and healthier environment.

Choose between Eco modes for longer cleaning or Turbo modes for maximum power in heavily soiled areas. The dual shoe is specially designed to care for your parquet floors and revitalize carpets, accompanied by a range of accessories for comprehensive cleaning.

*Prices and information updated as of February 9, 2024