2024 is the year of animal print: discover how to combine it with elegance this spring

Animal print is a type of print that returns as a recurring trend.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
01 April 2024 Monday 16:31
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2024 is the year of animal print: discover how to combine it with elegance this spring

Animal print is a type of print that returns as a recurring trend. It is a bold, but versatile style. With personality, that's why they always end up choosing it generation after generation. In fact, Generation Z has been in charge of making it a trend again on TikTok, experimenting with different textures and garments, giving a groundbreaking and innovative style to a more than well-known print.

Leopard print has been worn by fashion icons for decades. From Kate Moss to well-known Spanish influencers who are making it trendy now, such as Violeta Mangrinyan, among others. A simple set with an animal print is perfect for giving a touch of personality and sensuality to any style. It's an elegant and daring way of saying "here I am."

Although every time it comes into fashion it is combined differently, this 2024 will be full of returns, not only of the animal print, but of the way of combining it. Retro combinations are triumphing. Looks inspired by fashion icons, such as Kate Moss, from the 90s. Using a printed garment with other simpler and basic ones, so as not to overload the style.

One of the most popular animal prints at the moment is leopard, a fierce style that can be worn with more basic clothing or with more daring makeup, like the Mob Wife, to give it a touch of drama for a night out. Fitted dresses with wrap-around coats on the shoulders and a double print, which can be on the shoes or accessories.

Furthermore, one of the fashions that have become a trend along with animal print is to go in search of a second-hand store to find a garment of this style, designer or not, that has a vintage look, to combine it with more elements. modern and have a retro and current style.

If you have not yet dared with the animal print, but it catches your attention, at El Comprador de La Vanguardia we have made a selection of different garments that will be a basic in your wardrobe for this new style that is now a trend.

With the arrival of spring comes light clothing, but you still need a jacket for when it gets colder and there is nothing more spring-like than a denim jacket. This design combines worn blue with the leopard animal print, which gives a daring touch to the garment. A simple, casual and versatile design, both for spring and autumn.

T-shirts with animal prints are ideal with more basic clothing, such as black pants or a skirt. This one with an oval neck and a slightly loose fit will be ideal for flattering your curves, but with great comfort. In addition, the fabric from which this garment is made is light, but provides enough warmth so that you don't get too hot in spring.

If you like animal print, but prefer to wear it in a more subtle way, these Vans sneakers will be your best complement. With an original Waffle sole for a more comfortable footprint. Made with a double-stitched upper for greater durability. In addition, you will find this model with the print in different colors so you can choose the one you like the most.

If you prefer to dress more comfortably and with casual clothes, a sweatshirt cannot be missing from your wardrobe. Even so, that will not be an impediment for you to follow the animal print fashion. With this Adidas sweatshirt you will follow the latest trend without giving up your style. A comfortable, versatile garment with personality.

A long leopard print dress will be an essential garment for this spring, perfect to wear with a light sweater or without anything. This long dress is perfect for good weather. Its thin straps and elegant cut will be ideal for a night out. Although you can also combine it with a jacket and sneakers to be comfortable and fashionable to the office.

Another animal print accessory that you can wear with more basic garments to give them a touch of style. These Munich sneakers feature a bold pink leopard design, made with a synthetic material and laces. In addition, its small platform will be perfect for cushioning your footprint well and allowing you to walk with greater comfort.

If you want to go all out on animal print, these pants will be your best allies. They are airy, satin, with a wide-leg design and very comfortable. They have a drawstring to fit well at the waist and with a basic t-shirt they will give you an elegant and daring look. Furthermore, given their design and materials, they will not only be a wardrobe staple in spring, but in summer with a swimsuit they will be your best asset for going out or going to the beach.

A belt is the best complement to a basic outfit, so adding the animal print to it is a sure hit. This one with a subtle snake print will look ideal with jeans or at the waist of a monochrome dress. It is made with imitation leather and has a minimalist design so you can match it with almost everything.

Elevate any basic t-shirt with a printed overshirt like this one from Guess. Being a little transparent, it will reveal what you are wearing underneath, giving it a different look from any basic top. It has a loose fit, with wide cuffs and is thin, perfect to wear in spring or as an evening look.

If you prefer to dress basic and wear the animal print as a complement, this Misako bag is perfect for you. You can wear it as a shoulder bag and it is the perfect size to carry your essentials. Its design has a combination of zipper and button to close it, with several compartments so you can carry everything. A timeless and versatile option.