This is how Ramón de Pitis, the most viral interviewee of 'Callejeros', has changed

The Callejeros program is part of the memory of many people.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
16 August 2023 Wednesday 16:56
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This is how Ramón de Pitis, the most viral interviewee of 'Callejeros', has changed

The Callejeros program is part of the memory of many people. This space for reporting through the streets was part of the viewers for ten years and left images for the history of the small screen. The neighbor from Valencia with her raincoat made of bags or the boy from 'Pim, pam, pum, take lacasitos', are some of these moments.

However, there is one person who managed to captivate the whole world with his way of communicating and his story: Ramón 'El Vanidoso'. Also known as Ramón de Pitis, he came on screen in 2008 just when he had a permit from Aranjuez prison. The journalist Alejandra Andrade did not miss the opportunity to do one of the most viral interviews on the program.

To the surprise of the reporter, Ramón de Pitis decided to explain at the subway entrance why he had ended up in prison and what he was doing now that he was out. The interviewee did not hesitate to admit that he had robbed a bank, stolen a car and hit his brother-in-law. Some words that went viral, but they did it even more because of what he told next.

"Take drugs as much as I can and now I want to get laid because I haven't taken it for five years. Drugs are socially considered very badly, but what am I going to tell you, it's true health," he assured without cutting himself.

"I dress as Emidio Tucci, I am vain", was the phrase that gave him the recognized name of 'El Vanidoso' and that did nothing but enlarge the character. "There are five universal rights that are undeniable to man: one is housing, another is clothing, another is dignity and the other two I have forgotten," he added.

Now, fifteen years after this delirious moment, Ramón de Pitis has wanted to reappear through Twitter, with a video that has once again made him go viral with his stories. "Ramón de Pitis turns 67 today. I have eaten with him and my stomach still hurts from laughing," Alejandra Andrade recounted on her social networks.

Having an aperitif with the journalist who discovered it, Ramón wanted to give some advice to the reporter's followers. "If they look at you the first time, it's because they're curious. Man or woman, it doesn't matter. If they look at you the second time, it's because there's already a sexual relationship or friendship. And if they look at you a third time, it's wood, secret. So of course, and you have to go or fight", has expressed with certainty.

Without his prominent mustache and with gray hair, Ramón 'El Vanidoso' continues to enjoy his day to day in his own way. Something that became clear two years ago with the reunion between the journalist and her friend. "I am having an aperitif with my friend Ramón de Pitis. He has come out of a screwed-up admission due to covid, he has stopped methadone and is reading the Anthology of Marx by Tierno Galvá. Great RAMÓN", he reported in 2021. If something is certain, it is that the reporter will continue to share these fun encounters in the future.