First reactions of celebrities to the death of María Teresa Campos

Spain is orphaned after the death of one of the 'mothers' of the small screen in our country.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
04 September 2023 Monday 11:05
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First reactions of celebrities to the death of María Teresa Campos

Spain is orphaned after the death of one of the 'mothers' of the small screen in our country. María Teresa Campos, journalist and television presenter, has died this morning at the age of 82, as confirmed by her family.

The communicator was admitted to the Fundación Jiménez Díaz Hospital on Sunday, September 3, after suffering a picture of acute respiratory failure. After two days fighting for her life, the medical center confirmed yesterday that her condition had worsened in the last few hours and that she was "very serious."

Although the state of health and quality of life of the mother of Terelu Campos had worsened a lot in recent months and she has died surrounded and covered by her family until the last moment, the loss of the presenter has had a great emotional impact on those close to her. and in all the followers that he accumulated in our country.

One of the first people to say a public farewell to her was Jorge Javier Vázquez, who thanked her for her work and for her contribution to the industry: ''Committed woman and indisputable professional''.

''Our fights have been as epic as our reconciliations. For years it has been part of the History of Television in our country with capital letters but, above all - and most importantly - you are part of our memory. Rest. I love you,'' Vázquez wrote in a second tweet.

Another of the people who wanted to dedicate a special moment to her was the announcer and radio presenter Àngels Barceló, who broke the news on her program and declared that she was a woman who "opened paths" and who set the course for communication in our country.

Jesús Cintora, one of the most acclaimed journalists in Spain, has also spoken on Twitter: "María Teresa Campos dies, "pioneer of the morning political debate table on television in Spain." She liked to tell it like that and I will always thank her for her anecdotes, her advice and her affection. My condolences to the family."

Following in Cintora's footsteps, other journalists and communicators in our country have wanted to publicly say goodbye to the legendary Día a Día presenter. Sandra Golpe, Pilar Eyre, Laura Fa... have dedicated a last goodbye to Campos on their social media accounts .

The actor Luis Merlo has also reacted to the sad news upon waking up: ''Dear María Teresa, I find out when I wake up that you are no longer with us. Thanks for the love through the years, your interviews, the visits to see me at the theater. A hug to Terelu, Carmen and the family. Sad you Luisito''.

For her part, Mónica Naranjo also wanted to send a public message and make all the people see that she was very fond of the deceased: ''Friend... Thank you for receiving me so many times with that eternal smile that she hugged so tightly. I admire you and I love you''.

Pedro Sánchez has also spoken publicly and has recognized through his social networks the impact that the mother of Terelu Campos and Carmen Borrego had on Spanish society.

''María Teresa Campos, one of the greatest communicators in our country, leaves us. A lifetime dedicated to television and radio. pioneer. She was the 'queen of the mornings', the usual voice and company in our homes. My love to her family and her friends '', the politician has written.

For her part, former minister Irene Montero has written a tweet in which she has sent an affectionate hug to the communicator's family: "Without her, the history of television in our country cannot be told, nor that of many of we who accompanied every day from her. Woman who paved the way. Let the earth be mild''.