Ana Rosa Quintana's debut: the main differences between 'TardeAR' and 'The AR program'

New schedule, new faces and new set.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
17 September 2023 Sunday 22:56
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Ana Rosa Quintana's debut: the main differences between 'TardeAR' and 'The AR program'

New schedule, new faces and new set. Ana Rosa Quitana has reappeared this Monday at the head of her new program, TardeAR, which from now on will occupy every afternoon on Telecinco from Monday to Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. After 18 years of uninterrupted leadership in the mornings, the presenter closes one cycle and opens another, that of the afternoons, an interval that until last June was occupied by the Sálvame program.

Although a first program is not usually a good sample of how the following chapters will develop, in this starting signal from Ana Rosa we see a program quite different from the previous one, more focused on entertainment and with less space for the events and political information that They starred in their previous program.

It seems that this new program will consist of several blocks divided into a first dedicated to laughter and entertainment (no tabloid press at the moment); a second part dedicated to current events and information, which was what took precedence in The Ana Rosa Program; a third space that will address issues of the tabloid press and the hearts of celebrities; and a fourth block was an interview with Ivana Andrés, captain of the Spanish women's soccer team.

During the first block of the program, Ana Rosa, together with new collaborators, superficially commented on current affairs and viral videos. You have addressed the scandal of These new faces that will accompany the veteran presenter are Javier Sardà, Mario Vaquerizo, Alaska, Vicky Martín Berrocal or Ángela Rozas Sáiz (@madame), among others. "Not everyone knows how to inform and entertain, but you do, Ana Rosa," said Vaquerizo, wishing the presenter luck in this debut.

After that, an informative block on events of interest led by journalist Manuel Marlasca has begun. In it, several open cases have been addressed, such as the crime of Daniel Sancho or the story of a man arrested in Valencia for ejaculating on his neighbor's car. This has perhaps been the block that had the most similarity with its old program due to the theme but to which the least time has been dedicated in this first installment.

Third, the show has tackled matters of the heart with a new team of collaborators. On this occasion they were Paloma Barrientos, Silvia Taulés, Leticia Requejo, Miguel Ángel Nicolás, Iván García and Marisa Martín Blázquez, a team that has little to do with that of the old social club that Ana Rosa led in the mornings. This has been the longest block of the afternoon unlike Ana Rosa's program, in which issues of the heart were only addressed during a small space at the end.

Finally, Ana Rosa interviewed Ivana Andrés, captain of the Spanish women's soccer team, with whom she discussed how the players' spirits are after becoming World Cup champions and also after the whole scandal with Luis Rubiales and Jennifer Hermoso.