Do you deserve a job? | Newsletter 'Pocket'

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Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
20 April 2024 Saturday 16:48
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Do you deserve a job? | Newsletter 'Pocket'

This text belongs to the Bolsillo newsletter, a summary of the week's most notable news that is sent every Sunday. If you want to receive it in your email, sign up here.

Finding a job involves constant updating. When some things mattered before, today they matter others. From the resume to the job interview, the details make the difference between getting a job or not. A whole issue that retirees have already left behind, but be careful because they have their own things to worry about...

Details that stand out. If you haven't looked for a job or gone to a job interview in a while, you may be in for a surprise. From the days of the week to how well you care for your hands, they can shape your future. "We tend to overlook all non-verbal language," warns human resources expert Fernando Botella. Nor should we neglect how we dress, what information we send or who we are going to see faces with. These are some of the seven keys to success in a job selection. And remember, if you get hired, it's not all about stealing your boss's job.

What is success? Someone has already found the formula. At just 26 years old, Fran Villalba founded a business that already moves 40 million euros. Juan Roig and Telefónica are among his investors. What is your secret? (Podcast). Others experience true success with retirement: stopping working and entering month after month. Be careful because more details are known about the limitations that there will be to combine salary and pension when retirement age arrives. It affects active and early partial retirement. Here all the details.

Control in the home. Catalonia doubles the municipalities where there will be rent control. Up to 131 new cores for the list. Vielha, Roses, Cadaqués... The autonomy takes the lead in the application of the Housing law, but in the real estate sector it is noted that it is not serving: the rental supply falls and prices rise. Double whammy. More control, and restraint, is in a certain way what the Bank of Spain has asked of the entities. He does not want banks to "soften" credit conditions for families. Will cheap mortgages at a general level be something impossible to repeat?

Deceived. Scams and scams in the income campaign are complicated by the emergence of artificial intelligence. Cybercriminals use it to correct the errors that their scams are now uncovering, such as spelling mistakes. How are they detected now? For others, what worries them most is knowing when they will collect rent or how to deduct the mortgage to pay less. Housing, sales, investments... The Tax Agency wants nothing to escape. Even what has been earned through betting and online gaming has to be taxed. The fate is shared with the treasury.

Floods, tornadoes, brutal hailstorms... Climate phenomena are increasingly reaching more unusual places. Climate change threatens to skyrocket the cost of home insurance and how we build. Spain is not spared and will be the economy most affected by climate change: this is how our income will fall in the future.

The problems may be more immediate. When a family member dies, inheritances can become a problem. "Never leave property to be distributed among your children," lawyer Alejandro Ebrat (Podcast) warned us at the time. "There are more and more resignations to avoid fights with brothers," he told us later. There is peace!