The 10 best-selling Ikea shoe racks and other furniture to take advantage of your hall

The hall is a space where we can store many things, even if it is small.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
29 May 2023 Monday 10:26
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The 10 best-selling Ikea shoe racks and other furniture to take advantage of your hall

The hall is a space where we can store many things, even if it is small. With the right furniture we can have the shoes that we wear most often, jackets, bags or backpacks, and other accessories close at hand.

If your hall has turned into chaos, or if you have it completely empty and you want to take advantage of it, at El Comprador de La Vanguardia we bring you the shoe racks and other best-selling furniture from Ikea so that you can equip it with style and utility.

Among the best sellers, we have selected very different models that can meet the storage needs of each one, but all of them are highly valued by Ikea customers who have bought, assembled and tested them for a long period of time.

Take note and turn your hall into a really useful space.

Shoe cabinets are very useful for keeping footwear properly stored and occupying as little space as possible. For this reason, this Hemnes model has become a bestseller highly valued by Ikea customers.

Its simple and classic design with a traditional touch is perfect with many types of decoration. It has space for many shoes, as it has double row compartments. As it only has legs at the front, it should be placed against the wall, above the skirting board.

This is one of the best-selling shoe rack models at Ikea thanks to its utility and low price. For less than 30 euros we can have a plastic piece of furniture that will allow us to store up to 6 pairs of shoes.

In addition, it is a solution with little depth, which is why it is ideal for small halls.

This shoe rack only has legs at the front and can be hung on the wall above the skirting board. It has enough space to store up to 12 pairs of shoes and is ventilated to make the shoes last longer.

It has measurements of 96 cm x 17 cm x 90 cm, and its upper part can be used to leave keys, correspondence or decorative elements.

This shoe rack has a capacity for at least 12 pairs of shoes and has enough space and ventilation so that they do not get damaged.

It measures 61x30x130 cm and it is recommended to clean the furniture with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

You come home with wet shoes, you sit comfortably to take them off and leave them in the hall so that the floor does not get wet or dirty with mud.

To do it comfortably, we propose you this bench/shoe rack. With it you will have a place to sit, to put some accessories on top and to store eight pairs of shoes.

We can use this option as a bench to sit down and put on your shoes or as a shoe rack.

It has two sliding doors to take up less space and also help us keep the hall tidy.

At the entrance of our house we can have a very aesthetic piece of furniture or a large mirror, but when we lack space, it is best to choose a model like this.

It is a coat rack with a shoe bench to store the coats, jackets, bags, backpacks and the shoes that we use the most. It measures 193x37x90 cm and is made of metal.

If we are lucky enough to have a good-sized hall, we can equip it with an open wardrobe like this one from the Hemnes line that will allow us to store our usual shoes, jackets and much more.

It measures 120x50x197 cm, has a lot of useful space, and is made of solid pine wood.

If we have a small corner in the hall, the most comfortable thing will be to be able to integrate a shoe rack and a coat rack into a single open vertical piece of furniture like this one from Ikea.

It has six hangers, an upper shelf to put bags and backpacks, a bench to sit on and six compartments to store shoes.

If you need a space to hang clothes and place shoes, but you don't want a large wardrobe, you can opt for this donkey that has enough space to have many hanging clothes and shoes on its lower shelf.

It is made of very resistant steel, supports up to 35 kg of weight, and can be fixed in six positions to choose the height that best suits us. It measures 111x51x126-175 cm.

*Prices updated on May 29, 2023

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