Feijóo will offer a "project for change" in the economy, regeneration and reforms at his investiture

Alberto Núñez Feijóo is preparing for his inauguration, little by little.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
26 August 2023 Saturday 16:21
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Feijóo will offer a "project for change" in the economy, regeneration and reforms at his investiture

Alberto Núñez Feijóo is preparing for his inauguration, little by little. He has time. One month. And in those thirty days he will not only speak with all the political formations they want, but he also intends to establish a dialogue with the regional presidents, to explain to them, what he has already begun to explain to the Spaniards today, what he offers. A project for change in economic matters, institutional regeneration and the urgent reforms that Spain needs.

The president of the PP plays not only to obtain the four votes that he lacks to be sworn in as president, but also to educate the Spaniards and explain his intentions to them. He plays to make a story that permeates among the citizens and they can, thus, understand what he is doing, and what he is talking about with all the parties. He wants to be that clear to, for example, calm the concern that there is in some sectors of the Catalan PP, or other formations that may support his investiture, especially Vox, due to his intention to speak with Junts, a party he did not mention.

"Speaking does not mean that we accept what Sánchez is willing to accept, because we are not Sánchez." He wants to talk about a "project for a country where the majority of Spaniards are recognized." And he is not willing to give up what he is convinced that Sánchez is considering giving up. "If the investiture only depends on giving more, on giving more, to those who want to leave Spain; if the investiture consists of further humiliating the institutions, Sánchez will win it, but Spain will lose it."

Because Alberto Núñez Feijóo has no doubt that if he is 4 votes away from being sworn in as president, Pedro Sánchez is "four assignments" away, which he listed: "An amnesty incompatible with the Constitution", for which he does not There is no doubt that they are looking for a word other than amnesty "in their factory of lies to continue lying." The second cession would be "an improper independence referendum for a country in the European Union and for one of the oldest nations in the world."

Feijóo is willing to make these two transfers, although he would be the president of the "weakest government that Spain could perhaps have", because it would be made up, he said, of 24 parties, including all those that make up Sumar. The fourth cession that, in the opinion of the PP leader, the acting president of the government is willing, to repeat, would be "to once again break the principle of equality of all Spaniards." They are, he stressed, the four assignments that "distance Sánchez from the investiture."

Faced with this disposition of Sánchez, Feijóo presents his project, based above all on the economy, with a warning: "We will not admit auctions, blackmail or bow to the interests of minorities." And he exposed what will be the main lines of his speech on September 26, and what will lead to the negotiation with the parties.

He did it in Soutomaior (Pontevedra), at the traditional opening of the PP political course, in the presence of Mariano Rajoy, who accompanied him, but also a large representation of his territorial power, with the presence of the presidents of Aragon, Extremadura, Castilla y León, Andalusia, Murcia, the Balearic Islands, Galicia, and some absence, like that of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, always notorious, but also of the president of La Rioja or the president of Cantabria.

Before them, he explained that he has accepted the task of trying to form a government "not as a personal ambition, but as a public service", and because he is convinced that Spain "needs a change to moderation and centrality", and to stop depending on "minorities radicals and independentistas". A change project with which he wants to demonstrate that "we have a battery of economic proposals" for sustained economic growth, to increase the per capita income of Spaniards, to create higher quality employment, to reduce the poverty rate and to lower taxes, with a clarification, "with the intensity that we can".

Feijóo will present in Congress a project, also "of institutional regeneration", which allows, he stressed, "to end the institutional degeneration" that in his opinion has occurred in Spain in the five years of government of PSOE and United We Can. And a project "to carry out the reforms that Spain needs, so that it once again becomes one of the great economies of the world."

They are "urgent, necessary and essential" reforms, said Feijóo, among which are regional financing, because, he said, the autonomous communities "do not have enough money to pay for the services they provide." Reforms so that all of Spain agrees on a great national pact for water; to ensure "the viability of pensions" or to "break the demographic decline" or "guarantee the sustainability of the national health service".

The model of the president of the PP is "to return to a cordial Spain that made an exemplary transition." It will be a project, he assured, the one that presents, that "even if it did not come out by four votes, his ideas will be valid in the coming years", and even if "it is not in the short term, it will be the first stone of the next government of Spain".

With his speech, Feijóo revealed, on the one hand, that he will remain at the head of the PP, against those who were betting on his departure, but on the other, his conviction that if Sánchez is sworn in as president, that government will not last long. He expressed it with a resounding phrase: "Now, or later, the next government in Spain will be from the PP. A government for all Spaniards."

In this investiture speech, Feijóo will speak not only about what "Spain needs", but also what it "does not need", which is what in his opinion Sánchez represents: "rupture, division and territorial and political abyss". If only to avoid that, in his opinion the investiture would be worth it.