Explain to us the ultra

It happens more and more often that those of us who are right-minded have the ballot box explode in our faces.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
04 December 2023 Monday 03:46
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Explain to us the ultra

It happens more and more often that those of us who are right-minded have the ballot box explode in our faces. And we don't understand anything, of course. Javier Milei appears in Argentina and Geert Wilderts in the Netherlands and we run, as we did during Trump or Brexit, to look for an explanation to calm us down. We need the rapid response anxiolytic to protect ourselves from the discomfort caused by knowing that we are incapable of telling ourselves what is happening.

A quite effective, although false, sedative is the one that attributes the success of the far-right's political offer to the very efficient and monopolistic management of social networks to seduce through deception. This argument is based on a certainly uncomfortable assumption, as classist as it is cross-eyed. Well, it is true that only one type of citizen is imbeciles and that only from the extreme right is the web of nonsense woven. They are the fools, we are the smart ones. Both things are false. People lie from all sides and with the same techniques. And there are also victims of rudeness across the entire ideological spectrum.

There are answers, all of them partial, more solid. One is of exclusively materialistic extraction. The economic deterioration of the middle classes, with the social elevator circulating only to the lower floors, would explain the pessimism curdled into rage that ends up directing the vote towards extremist formations and candidates. This argument would serve at first glance to explain, for example, what happened in Argentina.

In Europe, massive emigration should be added, which has already changed the cultural and ethnic landscape of many of the continent's countries. A mutation that will continue to be accentuated by the reluctance, almost closed-mindedness, of Europeans to have children. In the coming years, the shock that always accompanies the process of radical mutation of a culture will increase. And we can add more arguments. This is the case of the increasingly accentuated urban-rural dichotomy. With large cities and metropolises converted into ultra-shielded places, in opposition to rural areas and small and medium-sized cities expelled from the global circuit. An expulsion that means inaccessibility to the advantages of globalism but also the impossibility of escaping its drawbacks.

The kaleidoscope of reasons is multiple and does not end there. It even seems, if one lets one's arms drop, that too many circumstances coincide in time to escape what seems inevitable in the future. Like when an idea, no matter how fetid it may be, has its time coming. Because there are more things in the pipeline. Deeper and more difficult to notice, but essential to explain the charm of the ultra in times of tribulation. And while the classic right and left try to shore up and guarantee small individual dreams – each citizen their own –; From ultra positions, even from Miley's libertarianism, although it may seem paradoxical, we invite a bigger dream that aspires to be of the masses.

Ultras offer a great group life adventure. A journey that can only be experienced through the collective. It requires integrating into the phalanx, breathing and walking with it. This is why flags, religion, skin color, place of birth and other signs of group distinction play such a prominent role. Identitarianism yes, but in a big way and outside of the self. Not focused on small groups, individuality or very particular indentitarianism. In fact, those are the projects it fights. Loneliness, a sign of our time and not only among older people, the modernization of our societies that places us in an uncertainty that is already unmanageable for many, life sequestered between screens that always reflect oneself, extreme individualism, forgetfulness of more and more generations to whom the past is now totally unknown, the fragility of the individual when everything becomes mutable - family, work, home, etc. - all of this is fertile ground to plant projects served as the great adventure that is coming. to satisfy the human need to know that one is part of something great and immutable.

It's not just poverty, the immigrant, the networks. The thing is that we are short of a collective vital project, something that we have always needed like the air we breathe. And that Barataria island today is only offered by the ultras. Hence, she increasingly has access to this material, which is as defective as it is dangerous. It is the only one in the dream market. Disguising her nightmare condition due to the non-appearance of others.