10 IKEA items to take advantage of the space in your closet and fit more clothes

As time goes by, it is normal for us to accumulate a large amount of clothes.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
17 September 2023 Sunday 16:26
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10 IKEA items to take advantage of the space in your closet and fit more clothes

As time goes by, it is normal for us to accumulate a large amount of clothes. Every year we buy some clothes, accessories or footwear and, since our size is always the same, the closet is full of clothes.

If we don't want to clean, but the closet has become too small, we must think about the best way to optimize the available space.

At El Comprador de La Vanguardia we recommend consulting the Ikea catalog where we can find ingenious storage and organization solutions for the closet. From shoe storage boxes, drawer organizers and much more.

Take note and choose those items that offer you the ideal solution to your space problem.

These practical felt boxes are ideal for making the most of your closet drawers. Instead of having t-shirts piled up and having to search for which one we want to wear, we will have them properly organized and at a glance we will know where the desired item of clothing is.

There are two sizes available, and its fabric protects the most delicate garments so you can store underwear in them.

The better we compartmentalize the space in a closet, the better organized it will be and we will be able to get the most out of its capacity. For this reason, it is essential to equip it with storage boxes from the SKUBB series that will allow us to have an assigned space for each garment, accessory or accessory.

This particular model will be very useful for us to organize our underwear, jewelry or other products. It measures 44x34x11 cm, and is completely foldable.

From the same SKUBB line, we propose these boxes that will allow us to store the shoes that we use occasionally at the top of the closet or under the bed. Its front part is especially useful, allowing you to see its contents in case one day we need to put a pair on again.

They are folding boxes whose front opens and closes with Velcro. In addition, this part also has a mesh area that ensures the absence of bad odors or humidity inside.

They are sold in a pack of 4 units, are available in two colors, and measure 22x34x16 cm.

These plastic boxes are ideal for gaining storage space under the bed or on top of a closet.

They close completely to protect the clothes from dust and dirt, but their lid can be opened halfway to be able to take what we need without having to take out the entire box. In addition, by having two spaces to write or stick labels, it will be easy to organize and know where what things we have stored.

It measures 77 x 50 x 19 cm and its capacity is 55 liters.

Another interesting proposal to gain storage space, this fabric box with two openings. It is available in several socks to choose the one that best suits you, its fabric is soft, and protects the contents from dust and dirt.

We can put it inside the closet to have our clothes more organized in compartments, or use it to store the clothes that we use less often on top of the closet.

Has your hanger become too small and you no longer know how to fit all the clothes? A good solution is to choose hangers like these that allow you to have three or more clothes hanging.

The GÅRDSMÄSTARE model helps save space as it can hold several pants or skirts. In addition, it is a thin hanger so that it does not take up almost any space.

This simple plastic support saves half the space your shoes take up. One shoe is placed on top and the other is stored just below. Therefore, it is an ideal solution to gain order and storage in the closet.

A small, useful and resistant support that will become an essential in your dressing room.

Sometimes there are closets that have a lot of room to hang hangers, but very little to put folded clothes. To solve this lack of practical space, the best and most economical solution is to get a hanging fabric organizer.

We propose the STUK model with seven compartments. It is made of 100% very resistant polyester, is hung with a Velcro strip, supports a lot of weight, and is completely foldable.

In a few weeks the temperatures will drop and we will have to have handkerchiefs and scarves on hand to protect our necks. Therefore, we suggest that you equip yourself with this multiple hanger that will allow you to have all these accessories organized and without taking up much space in the closet.

It offers space to store 18 accessories and takes up the same space as a conventional hanger.

If you have a big space problem, these practical plastic bags that create a vacuum with the help of a vacuum cleaner or a pump are very practical. They minimize space, eliminating empty spaces filled with air, and clothes do not collect dust or bad odors. Therefore, they are ideal for storing clothes that we use less often, blankets or whatever we want.

It is a pack of two bags that measure 55x85 cm. You just have to fill the bag and suck out the air with a normal vacuum cleaner. Plus, it's easy to close the bag thanks to the slider closure.

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