Shock plan in the face of neighborhood insomnia at the 'gulf triangle' boat race

Barcelona City Council's shock plan against the desperate insomnia of the gawky neighbors of the boat race in the Gulf Triangle in the Poblenou neighborhood.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
16 September 2023 Saturday 11:11
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Shock plan in the face of neighborhood insomnia at the 'gulf triangle' boat race

Barcelona City Council's shock plan against the desperate insomnia of the gawky neighbors of the boat race in the Gulf Triangle in the Poblenou neighborhood. The government of mayoress Ada Colau tried to change the name of the area and christen it the ludic, but the truth is that the initiative never took root among the citizens.

Because in these streets, in Almogàvers, Pallars, Pere IV, Zamora, Pamplona..., for the rest of my life night revelries were the norm, everyone knows, that the nickname golf was earned here with a lot of 'afany... But for some time now, especially in the wake of the pandemic, the restrictions and the new habits that have resulted, instead of going from place to place until giving everything to the disco, many young people prefer to spend the night in the streets, well stocked with ice, soft drinks and bottles of spirits, until dawn, while they chat and laugh and until their stomachs hold, under the windows of neighbors in the area, sleepless and tremendously bespectacled Bottle parties were always held here, but never so crowded and prolonged.

Some neighbors confess that they resort to sleeping pills, others move the mattress to the place in the house furthest from the window - sometimes the room in question is the storage room -... and, more recently, some , those who have it, take advantage of the opportunity presented to them and leave the neighborhood. what the hell Neighborhood gluttony in the gulf triangle continues to grow, and neither does distrust of the City Council. Few everyday annoyances disturb as much as street noise that settles inside the house. The fight against noise is one of the citizen causes that has gained more supporters in recent times in many of Barcelona's neighborhoods.

The councilor responsible for the district of Sant Martí, the socialist David Escudé, details that, by virtue of the latest shock plan, for three weekends now urban guards and employees of the establishments have tried to divert people to the less populated roads , which close some of the entrances to the Bogatell and Marina metro stations to facilitate the redistribution of joy, that very soon mixed police patrols from the City Council and the Generalitat will fine anyone who dares to pee in the public space, among other things, that the City Council also reduced the opening hours of the terraces...

"And this shock plan also includes other measures that started before the summer - councilor Escudé adds - so we continue to water the streets every night from Wednesday to Sunday at all times, in fact more often than before 'summer, so that young people don't settle down anywhere, we prevent them from leaving the establishments with plastic cups, we advance the closing time of the grocery stores...'.

And very soon, the councilor also points out, the City Council will start an awareness campaign, possibly with talks, in the surrounding faculties, residences and senior colleges. Because the Consistory already found that the most frequent attendees at the crowded and prolonged traffic jams are precisely university students, and precisely on these days the students start their courses and the first big batch of parties and saraus.

"The truth is that around here everything remains the same", say a few neighbors of the gulf triangle, between yawns and indignation. "Well, with the fact that they are moving people, now the nuisances are also moving", intervened others. "Look, here, when Ada Colau was mayor, at the end of the mandate, they started taking measures, but the truth is that they were very little noticed..., and now, with Jaume Collboni as mayor, we continue the same. Many measures that we barely notice...". "Yes, here the Endreça plan and all this discourse of recovering the city's public space and curbing incivility is not noticeable in any way, at least for now". "We are at the top, of calling the Guardia Urbana for nothing".

"And we, the residents, what we have always been asking for is precisely this, to put a stop to incivility, to reclaim public space, for the City Council to enforce its own rules!" "It can't be that so many people spend the night drinking, shouting, fighting and peeing under your window". "We have no interest in them complicating life in the colmados and on the terraces, which comply with the rules." "It's just that bad vibes are already being generated in the neighborhood, between some residents and some restaurateurs, and so we're not doing well...". "We want an urgent meeting with the City Council." "And sleep in peace, really..., without having to take pills!"