Feijóo would only be seen with Junts if he amends Puigdemont

"If the amnesty is the requirement and the conditions are what Puigdemont has announced, we can save it.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
05 September 2023 Tuesday 11:12
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Feijóo would only be seen with Junts if he amends Puigdemont

"If the amnesty is the requirement and the conditions are what Puigdemont has announced, we can save it." Alberto Núñez Feijóo refers to the meeting he had planned to hold with the group of Joints in the Congress of Deputies. Therefore, Alejandro Fernández, president of the PP of Catalonia, the deputy for Madrid Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo and even the president of the Community, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, who spoke a few days ago in the presence of Feijóo about abandoning "inexperienced" attitudes ”, they can be considered satisfied.

In any case, the president of the PP leaves an open door with the conviction, surely unfounded, that Junts would not say the same as Puigdemont. What the former president has stated is, in his opinion, "neither acceptable nor possible". In the PP "there will be no auction of principles or blackmail", no matter how the investiture turns out. Feijóo prefers not to be president than "giving up the equality of the Spanish". That's why it was clear: "I, where it seems Pedro Sánchez is willing to go, I don't go".

What's more, he was convinced that he will reach the presidency of the Spanish Government, but "through coherence and the Constitution, and not through a new process that will only bring division and inequality to Spain".

Feijóo thanked Puigdemont for putting his claims in black and white in a "formal, explicit, clear and honest" way, and for that he asks Sánchez to also give "a clear answer to Puigdemont and tell him that they are neither acceptable nor are acceptable".

For the president of the PP, it is very relevant that these conditions were set out by Puigdemont the day after vice-president Yolanda Díaz went to Brussels to interview the former president, to seek support for Sánchez's investiture.

The popular leader assured that it is not just that Junts demands an amnesty before the investiture, just to sit down to negotiate, but that the conditions set out by Puigdemont "suppose a constitutional break", nullify "the independence of the judiciary" and they mean "accepting that democratic Spain was not democratic in 2017".

For all that Feijóo considers that Sánchez cannot accept these demands either, because "a party that voted for 155 after the declaration of independence in Catalonia and suspended the autonomy of Catalonia, with the argument that principles had been violated basic principles of the Constitution", cannot now accept all these approaches.

In addition, for the president of the PP, taking on Puigdemont's demands means "leaving justice between the horses' legs", and this "cannot be done by the president of any European country", he said.

With the appearance of Puigdemont, the PP is convinced that a new stage is opening that only draws two scenarios, after ruling out that Sánchez can accede to the requests of the former president, because in addition to being unconstitutional, he would be president of the Government "under parole". "The two possibilities are - he said -: either the understanding between the two major national parties, or a deadlock that ends with the repeat of the elections".

In the same vein, Santiago Abascal, the leader of Vox, stated that Puigdemont's proposal is a "historical threat to the Constitution and to the coexistence of the Spanish", which can lead to "the shame of seeing the pro-independence people auction off the nation" . The same ones, he said, that "gave a blow to the Constitution and the unity of Spain" in 2017 and that now "condition the Government of Spain", for this reason Santiago Abascal fears that "that blow will be now perpetrated from Moncloa, by the Government of Spain".