The 7 news you need to know this Friday morning, December 8

Police and social measures to protect women are not enough.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
07 December 2023 Thursday 10:26
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The 7 news you need to know this Friday morning, December 8

Police and social measures to protect women are not enough. The State is powerless in the face of femicides, and the same thing happens with educational decline. It's hard to believe that long-standing problems are so difficult to solve.

Violence. This year there have been 55 murders of women in Spain, but only in 13 cases there was a prior complaint. Neither the police nor the family environment nor the telephone numbers set up for reporting are enough.

Education. The Generalitat admits school failure in mathematics and reading comprehension, but insists that one in four students does not have the optimal conditions for high performance. The language and culture of origin, as well as poverty, are very strong burdens.

Policy. The amnesty stands like an insurmountable wall in the relationship between Sánchez and Feijóo. Such harsh reproaches are exchanged that it seems very difficult for them to reach an agreement on the issues that most affect the Spanish people.

Drought. Catalonia is going through a very severe drought that has put the Barcelona metropolitan area in check. We visited the Sau reservoir, one of those that supplies the city. It is at 12.8% of its capacity, the lowest level since it was built 60 years ago.

Technology. The EU is struggling to pass a pioneering law to regulate artificial intelligence. While the states are in favor of innovative companies self-regulating, Parliament wants to put up barriers that they cannot overcome.

Middle East. Israel threatens Hezbollah to turn Beirut into another Gaza if it decides to escalate attacks from southern Lebanon. The EU is considering sanctions against Hamas and the most aggressive Israeli settlers.

United Kingdom. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has sparked a political and social upheaval by insisting that Rwanda is a safe country to deport migrants who enter illegally.

John Hoffman, CEO of the World Mobile Congress.

“We are filling the fair again, the challenge is to fit everything in until the expansion.” Read it here.

Golf. Jon Ramh, upset with the PGA, signs for the Saudi tour in exchange for 500 million euros, a record figure.

Culture. The writer Irvine Welsh completes the Trainspotting saga, a work that has taken him 30 years and that, in five novels, faces the great challenges of contemporary man. He trusts that humanity can defeat capitalism and overcome the age of robots.

Shows. Actress Kim Basinger, erotic icon and animal advocate, turns 70 today away from the spotlight and in the company of her hairdresser, her last great friend.

Dipesh Pabari, navigator.

“We have built a good ship out of thousands of flip-flops.” Read it here.

Ima Sanchís