The 7 news that you have to know this Wednesday, September 6 in the morning

Hello good morning!.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
05 September 2023 Tuesday 11:03
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The 7 news that you have to know this Wednesday, September 6 in the morning

Hello good morning!

The investiture cards are already on the table with Catalonia as the backbone. Amnesty yes or no, that is the debate now. More than intense days are expected. Everything seems to be at stake and everyone is playing it.

Puigdemont was placed yesterday, as expected, in the center of the investiture stage. He calls for an amnesty law and a control mechanism to monitor the pact, conditions prior to sitting down to negotiate the investiture itself. The cards are on the table.

The Government sees an agreement with Junts closer; ERC highlights that Puigdemont joins the path of politics and negotiation; Feijóo now refuses to meet with Junts. Summary: it is clear that Brussels decides and that only an agreement or elections are expected.

There is until the end of November to tie the deal together. This is the board of a chess game that seems to repeat that of now or never and that passes over – does anyone remember? – the Feijóo investiture debate on September 26 and 27.

Asylum requests in the EU skyrocket to 2016 levels. There are more than half a million until June, the highest number since the refugee crisis and Spain is the second country in number of applications. In Venezuela and Colombia is part of the answer.

The alert sent in the last storm has brought an arduous controversy. The Meteorology Agency: "With the same map we would dictate it again." The professional emphasizes: "Despite progress, meteorology is not an exact science." The debate gains height.

What is it that unites us? After analyzing data from millions of romantic relationships (almost nothing), the science of relationships concludes that ideological affinity and educational level matter more than sharing psychological or physical traits. Goodbye magic?

Goodbye Vilda, and now? The scandal of the Spanish Football Federation for the "piquito" of Rubiales continues with the abrupt dismissal of the coach Vilda. Point and followed, he launches. “There are still many executives with the profile of Rubiales”, he concludes.

Arturo Pérez-Reverte, writer. “The bookstores are full of black novels; the original thing is to return to the problem novel”. Read it here.

The elite are looking for their new urban bubble. Silicon Valley millionaires invest 900 million to found a city in California. The land in their hands, in fact, is already larger than that of San Francisco. The goal: a return to Europe?

Oh, oh, oh: the New Year's Eve grape, in suspense! Inflation and climate change can play a trick on one of the most followed year-end traditions. The negative campaign of 2022 has already led to the abandonment of some producers.

“The girl with the bomb”, is how Víctor-M titles it. He loved her take on why the death of María Teresa Campos, the queen of the morning, matters. A long-time presenter, Campos also summarizes how TV has influenced the country's recent history.

Montse Perelló, graphologist and graphotherapist. "If you lean your handwriting to the left, you're better at the office than in sales." Read it here.