Messi, acrobat in his land

The last show of the prestigious Canadian company arrived in Rosario, Lionel Messi's hometown, with a show adapted to the new conquests of the soccer star.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
20 August 2023 Sunday 10:52
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Messi, acrobat in his land

The last show of the prestigious Canadian company arrived in Rosario, Lionel Messi's hometown, with a show adapted to the new conquests of the soccer star. Messi10, the first show that Cirque du Soleil dedicates to the world of football, is inspired by Lionel Messi and arrived in Rosario, the city where he was born on ten.

This show devised by the renowned Canadian artistic company had the active participation of Messi in proposing the different moments, the music and the value of what is represented on stage. The world premiere was in Barcelona in 2019 and it was expected that it would arrive in Rosario in 2020. Lionel always wanted it to be shown in his city, but due to the pandemic and logistical issues, he arrived four years later, but recharged. This show has the particularity of displaying his magic on Rosario soil with renewed scenes, with Leonel Messi becoming world champion, and even retracing his arrival at Inter Miami, the team where he currently plays.

In Rosario there was a lot of expectation to enjoy this important event and the tickets sold out in a few hours, so new functions had to be added. The premiere was on August 16 and tickets were added until the 27th of this month. The cities where it has already passed are Barcelona, ​​Doha (Qatar), Riyadh (Saudi Arabia), Salta (Argentina) and in October it will premiere in Buenos Aires.

The Cirque equipment was transported in 24 containers that arrived in Rosario by boat, along the Paraná River. This time the traditional tent that the circus usually wears was not used, but was set up in a closed stadium, belonging to Club Atlético Provincial, located in the Parque de la Independencia area, a few meters from the Newell's Old Boys stadium, the club of his loves.

Most of the artists, men and women, who appear on stage, have the number 10 embroidered on their costume. The show is not a biography, but it takes elements from the star's life journey, to inspire the scenic proposal and leave a message clear: that each one has a 10 inside and highlights the importance of never giving up and working to fulfill dreams.

The show has 32 artists on stage, of 15 different nationalities and more than 70 people dedicated to general works. In one of the moments, the clubs where he played are evoked, since his arrival at Barcelona, ​​his time at Paris Saint Germain and the different moments of him in the Argentine National Team. In addition, at the end, his arrival at Inter Miami (the team with which he just emerged champion this Saturday) was introduced. In the air, on the ground, flying, jumping and doing things that seem impossible, like when Messi has the ball, a story is told that makes people laugh, excite and generates a footballing ovation.

The setting simulates a football stadium, on the playing field the acrobatics and impressive displays of technology and human skills take place that have the audience between baffled and euphoric for 90 minutes. Rosarinos and Rosarinas, people who also came from other cities, had the luxury of singing again the song that became an anthem when Argentina won the world championship. At one point huge light blue and white flags appear, the artists mix in the public waving them vigorously and everyone sings “Muchachos” the song that begins by saying “I was born in Argentina, land of Diego and Lionel”.

At the end, a large curtain with an illustration of the champion, with his traditional wave with his hands towards the sky and the Argentinian jersey with the number 10, was displayed on the stage and the fans were able to take photos. When leaving, a group of boys expressed the joy of seeing this show in their own city: "it's impressive, it's a very good tribute" and they defined their idol as "a God, the best player in the world, an alien." Some of all this was captured by the artists on stage. The magic of Messi and the circus was experienced in the city where it all began.