What Are Some Reasons to Consult a Brain Injury Lawyer?

24 September 2020 Thursday 08:28
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What Are Some Reasons to Consult a Brain Injury Lawyer?

Traumatic brain injuries, also known as TBIs, can have a life-altering impact on victims. Usually, people look to their health insurance company to cover their medical expenses; however, under some circumstances, it is possible to obtain damages from the negligent party that caused the TBI. This requires the victim or their family to bring a personal injury claim.

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Impact of Life-Altering Brain Injuries

Even the ‘mildest’ injuries can have a life-altering impact. Some brain injuries might temporarily pass as harmless without a thorough assessment of their effects on the victim’s day-to-day life. In the early stages of treatment, doctors might focus on the victim’s ability to react to stimulation, or even to help them regain consciousness. They also take scans and MRIs to look into the injury for inner swelling or bleeding.

Unfortunately, there have been instances where injuries are not entirely evident in those imaging scans. This aspect is also known as micro-trauma and can become a source of dispute with insurance companies later. The consequent life-altering symptoms of such brain injuries can include headaches, depression, balance issues, tinnitus, blurred vision, and unexplained mood swings.

Referring to the milder brain injuries, insurance companies often emphasize that the symptoms might not be serious. Personal injury attorneys understand the tactics used by insurance companies to protect their bottom line and can help you fight for fair compensation and prove the extent of your injuries. With the use of expert witnesses and medical documents, experienced lawyers build up the best case for their clients when the nature and severity of their injuries are brought into question. 

Importance of Hiring a Brain Injury Attorney

It is rare for insurance companies to offer fair settlements to victims of severe TBI. However, having a talented attorney by your side can put you in a more favorable position to win fair compensation. Lawyers know how to deal with claims adjusters and gather the evidence needed to prove liability, causation and damages.

When a victim tries to handle their case themselves, the insurance company may be less inclined to offer a reasonable settlement. They may assume that the victim would not be willing to proceed to litigation.

Even if the claim is valid, the insurance company may try its best to pay as little as possible. It is recommended to never agree to a settlement without consulting a lawyer. Many TBI claims require the deposition of medical experts. Your attorney can arrange this deposition for you and will know how to get the most value out of discovery. 

If the opposing party does not cooperate, your lawyer can advise you on whether to proceed to litigation. It is essential that the attorney you hire has experience litigating catastrophic injury cases. Such attorneys will know how to depose expert witnesses and will be able to anticipate and mitigate disputes before they arise. They also won’t be afraid to take your case to trial if it is in your best interests to do so.