Weekly preview of 'The Promise': intrigue will be the protagonist in the chapters from October 2 to 6

The plot of 'The Promise' intensifies in a week full of intrigue and betrayal.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
30 September 2023 Saturday 23:14
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Weekly preview of 'The Promise': intrigue will be the protagonist in the chapters from October 2 to 6

The plot of 'The Promise' intensifies in a week full of intrigue and betrayal. In this weekly preview from October 2 to 6, viewers of the hit La 1 series can expect heartbreaking emotions and secrets that threaten to come to light.

From Fernando's mysterious death to Ramona's tireless search, the story becomes even more complicated, as new characters and alliances join the fascinating world of 'The Promise'.

The mysterious disappearance of Ramona has deeply moved Curro and Jana, as well as the entire Luján community, who have united in an effort to find her and will seek the help of the marquises in their search. However, Cruz is adamant and does not allow anyone to enter his land in search of clues. Meanwhile, Manuel, unaware of the mysterious agreement between his wife and his doctor friend, remains obsessed with the relationship between Abel and Jana, plagued by jealousy and suspicion.

loss of his father.

Petra's departure is about to happen, but Rómulo reveals to Pía that the real culprit of the situation is not the marchioness's maid, but Cruz herself. In the midst of this chaos, María Fernández finds herself trapped between the love of Salvador and Lope, and she proposes a solution that could benefit all three. Furthermore, Alonso makes an important decision by announcing the arrival of a new guest at 'La Promesa', without having previously consulted his wife. Martina, in a gesture of obedience to her mother, requests the return of Antonio de Carvajal y Cifuentes to provide comfort after the tragic

Abel persists in his quest to decipher the true nature of the relationship between Jana and Manuel. On the other hand, Ramona's disappearance remains unsolved, despite the efforts of the town's residents in organized raids to find her. The Marchioness continues to refuse to allow the search to take place on her land, adding even more mystery to the case.

In another corner of 'La Promesa', Martina makes the final decision to break up with Curro, leaving him heartbroken. However, Margarita has a surprise in preparation for her daughter that could change things. Carlos's return from his trip does not go unnoticed, and although he denies it, Candela senses that something is not right.

In the midst of these personal dynamics, Lope and Salvador agree to give in to María Fernández's requests to reestablish their friendship. Teresa continues to reject Mauro and seems to get closer and closer to Feliciano. Secrets and tensions continue to increase in 'La Promesa', and Pía, thanks to Rómulo, discovers crucial information: that the marchioness is responsible for Dieguito's kidnapping. However, facing Cruz becomes a daunting task. Jana pushes Pía to seek justice for a very serious crime that cannot go unpunished.

The arrival of Pelayo Gómez de la Serna and Antonio de Carvajal y Cifuentes shakes the foundations of 'La Promesa', revealing a new stratagem plotted by Margarita against Cruz. The marchioness is torn between rage and frustration, finding solace only in Lorenzo's presence. Although María Fernández, Lope and Salvador try to leave behind their complicated romantic ties in pursuit of friendship, the question that remains is whether this decision will be enough to quell the longings of the heart.

Efforts to find Ramona continue to be unsuccessful, despite the community's determination. Curro joins the search, but finds an unexpected obstacle in his path. Furthermore, Jimena's stubbornness to appear in perfect health and carry out dangerous activities during her pregnancy worries everyone around her, raising serious concerns about the well-being of herself and her baby.

Manuel is deeply distressed about the health of his unborn child, especially after the latest accident his wife suffered. Despite Cruz's resistance, Alonso agrees to allow the search for Ramona on the grounds of 'The Promise' with the help of the service personnel. However, despite her efforts, Ramona still shows no signs of life, which increases the concern of Jana and Curro, who have spent several days without news of her.

Catalina shares with Don Pelayo the details of her jam business and asks him to keep it a secret. Finally, Pía gathers the courage to blackmail the Marchioness, whose reaction becomes unpredictable. Furthermore, Curro, upon listening to Don Antonio's telephone conversation, warns Martina about certain aspects of the little prince that could have significant implications.

After receiving an alert from Curro, Martina decides to confront Don Antonio de Carvajal y Cifuentes in search of answers, which results in a revelation of great importance. Likewise, the tireless searches to find Ramona's whereabouts continue, and this time they yield a small clue: the discovery of Ramona's backpack, an object that she never parted with. Even so, hopes of finding her are increasingly fading.

Finally, Jimena finds herself trapped in her own web of lies; while the marchioness finally gives in to the conditions of Pía's blackmail, agreeing to maintain her silence in exchange for Dieguito's support and education. What Pía would never have expected is that Doña Cruz had an ace up her sleeve, which adds a new layer of intrigue to the plot.

'La Promesa' celebrates its success by exceeding 200 episodes on La 1. The series continues to captivate the audience with its stories of love and intrigue. Since its premiere almost nine months ago, it has proven to be a television revelation, surpassing its competitors and maintaining its position as the most watched after-dinner series, with a monthly audience of more than 1.1 million viewers and a 12.3 %. Its success in delayed viewing also contributes to its popularity, with a total of approximately 1.4 million viewers.