Dismissals, confessions and revelation of secrets: weekly preview of 'The Promise'

The Promise returns this week with something new.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
24 September 2023 Sunday 23:14
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Dismissals, confessions and revelation of secrets: weekly preview of 'The Promise'

The Promise returns this week with something new. Only one episode will be broadcast per day, as this leaves broadcast space for La 1's new fiction, La Moderna Tea Room. has returned one more day to the small screen with a double episode.

This week will start very strong. Jimena managed to hide the cloths full of blood. Teresa discovered them and told Mauro, who ran to explain it to the heir.

During this week more details of other plots will be discovered. Jana will decide to intercede in the marriage of Manuel and Jimena and will ask Abel to act as a mediator so that the couple's spirits can be tempered.

Jimena will be angry with Teresa because she believes that she was the one who spread the news of her bleeding. For this, he will slap her. Consequently, there will be a great confrontation between them. Meanwhile, a mystery surrounds Doña Jimena's pregnancy, which worries everyone in La Promesa. Jana, despite her feelings, decides not to intervene in the marital conflict between Jimena and Manuel and requests Abel's help to calm things down between them. What the doctor did not expect was the surprising revelation that Jimena was about to make, a confession that went far beyond the problems in her marriage.

On the other hand, the animosity between the servants, especially with Feliciano, reaches a critical point and breaks out into a strong dispute. Rómulo intervenes to put an end to the altercation, but is surprised by the revelation he makes to Teresa, recognizing that it was he who took little Dieguito to the Villalquino convent.

After discovering a portrait of Jana painted by Manuel, Abel begins to suspect that his friend is also in love with the maiden. Meanwhile, María Fernández and Salvador return to La Promesa after the operation, but they will still have to wait a few days to find out if the intervention has been successful.

Carlos Orengo's marriage proposal to Candela fills her with worry and confusion. Despite seeking support from her colleagues, they advise her to follow her heart instead of thinking about it so much. On the other hand, Feliciano tries to justify the kidnapping of Pía's baby to Teresa, but she feels betrayed and she is not willing to forgive him.

Jana feels helpless as she cannot console Manuel, who faces the ghosts of his past. The doctor tries to investigate Manuel's love history, concerned about his growing attraction to Jana, but does not get clear answers at the moment.

The service is shocked by Feliciano's confession of being responsible for the kidnapping of Pía's son and the housekeeper promises to bring the guilty parties to justice, regardless of the consequences. Candela remains undecided about her marriage to Carlos.

The Marchioness shows a special interest in Ramona after giving Petra a mysterious task. Meanwhile, Abel continues to investigate if there is more than friendship between Manuel and Jana, just as she shares a memory with María Fernández that has to do with a private dance with Manuel in the hangar.

Teresa does not accept Feliciano's explanations and decides to resume her relationship with him, despite past tensions. Pía, who feels overwhelmed by her work and caring for her son, reveals to Cruz her suspicions about Feliciano's participation in the kidnapping of her son and threatens to report him to the civil guard. Cruz asks for time and makes a surprising decision.

Following the marchioness's order, Petra assumes responsibility for Dieguito's kidnapping and notifies her superiors of her dismissal. Although the service is happy about the news, Margarita becomes an unexpected defender of the maid and begins to ask questions that put Cruz in a delicate position.

Abel believes that Salvador has had enough time to recover after the operation, so it is time to check if the intervention was successful. On the other hand, Ramona comes to the conclusion that she can no longer hide the truth from Jana, but before revealing it, she poses an essential condition.