David Rodríguez demonstrates his complicity with Anabel Pantoja's mother with funny underwater jokes

Anabel Pantoja is living a very sweet time.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
16 August 2023 Wednesday 10:55
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David Rodríguez demonstrates his complicity with Anabel Pantoja's mother with funny underwater jokes

Anabel Pantoja is living a very sweet time. After a painful breakup with the professional fencer Yulen Pereira, whom she met in front of millions of viewers when they were competing in Survivors, Isabel Pantoja's niece has found stability and affection in David Rodríguez, her new boyfriend.

Pantoja met this boy when he accompanied his aunt on her musical tour of the United States, since Rodríguez is the official physiotherapist of the singer of Marinero de Luces, Se me enamora el alma or El Moreno and he was traveling with the artist's team andalusian

After a few days in Córdoba, her boy's land, Pantoja returned to the Canary Islands and received a visit from one of the most important people in her life: her mother, Mercedes Bernal, better known as 'Merchi'.

''I feel lucky to have people who love me and help me a lot,'' wrote the Sevillian woman who lives in Gran Canaria after receiving her mother on the island. Although they had not seen each other for about a month due to all the commitments and trips of the content creator, the relationship between the mother and the daughter is very close and Merchi is a fundamental support in Anabel's life.

During these days, the family couple is enjoying the heat of the Canary Island, as well as its pools, its people, its sun and its beaches. A couple of days ago, we saw the mother and daughter soaking in a "pool" wasting complicity and "joking around", but yesterday, Kiko Rivera's cousin uploaded a video to her Instagram stories in the ocean that conquered her more than 1.7 million followers.

In this audiovisual piece, you can see how Merchi and she pose, believing that they are taking a photo when, suddenly, David Rodríguez appears diving and scares his mother-in-law. "I knew it," said the mother of the Andalusian influencer between shouts and laughter.

This magical family moment shows that Bernal accepts his new son-in-law and that they share enough trust to play such jokes. In addition, in the video you can see how Anabel cannot fit in herself with the happiness that spending time with two people who are fundamental to her produces.

A few days ago, the heart magazine Lecturas published that Isa Pantoja's cousin had bought her first house in Gran Canaria, since she is living a very happy time and she wanted to put down roots: ''I had been looking for a house in this area for a long time area, in the Canary Islands. I was renting until now and I wanted a house of my own.

Excited and happy, Pantoja also explained in the report for the tabloid media that she is clear that she wants to be a mother in the coming years, either accompanied or alone: ​​"I would obviously like to get pregnant, yes or yes, with couple or alone It makes me very excited."