Why golf is the favorite sport of movie and sports stars

“Happiness is a long walk with a putter in your hand,” said the Mexican player Lorena Ochoa, considered one of the 50 best of all time with 27 victories on the LPGA Tour, the top circuit of professional women's golf.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
18 September 2023 Monday 10:33
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Why golf is the favorite sport of movie and sports stars

“Happiness is a long walk with a putter in your hand,” said the Mexican player Lorena Ochoa, considered one of the 50 best of all time with 27 victories on the LPGA Tour, the top circuit of professional women's golf. . This statement is so true that there are many stars of different sports who often practice golf, from Carlos Alcaraz, Rafa Nadal, Casper Ruud, Michael Jordan and Stephen Curry to celebrities from the world of celluloid such as Nicole Kidman, Tom Holland, Hugh Grant, Eva Longoria, Matt Damon and Catherine Z-Jones, among others.

Just a few weeks away from the start of the Solheim Cup 2023, one of the main events on the women's golf circuit, which will be held this year at the Finca Cortesín, in the Andalusian town of Casares, as well as the Ryder Cup, the prestigious men's tournament. which this year will take place at the Maro Simone Golf

“Luxury sports, associated with a sophisticated lifestyle, are becoming more and more democratized. You just have to look at what is happening with tennis or polo. That is why many brands are launching exclusive styles inspired by the golf course and its colors. The so-called tenniscore seems to predict a golf aesthetic, also taking into account that since 2000 there are several green tones that have become the Pantone color of the year," explains Mary Williamson, Fashion Buyer for the luxury department store Harvey Nichols. in London.

When playing any hole on a golf course, the athlete goes from the tee to the grass on the fairway and then to the green. And this is precisely how green works this season, from the most striking and emerald, as we see in the proposals of Sandro, Iris Van Herpen and Forte Forte, very festive, and that of Esprit in a comfortable and casual mood. Ellesse bottle green. There are also contrasts between light green and darker shades.

This is the case of the cardigans of the legendary brand Lebor Gabala and the proposals of the British J.W. Anderson for Loewe, both in the men's collection and in unisex accessories, such as the folding bag recently launched on the market and which is causing a stir among stylists and fashion editors of the main international newspapers. In a bottle green key we find the sporty chic men's proposals from IKKS and Tommy Hilfiger.

As a tribute to the land where golf was born in the 15th century, Scotland, the brand Llamazares y de Delgado has created for this season a slightly oversized coat combining various fabrics such as tweed and waterproof canvas. “We wanted to pay tribute to golf and the Highlands with this piece, with cargo pockets and tailoring details such as the hidden buttoning to prevent water from entering through the buttonholes,” says Fabricio Pérez, one of the two founders of the company based in in Barcelona.

Likewise, among the pieces in this collection we find high-waisted, wide-leg pants combining two shades of dark green and with stitched seams turned up, “very much in the 1930s golfer line but with contemporary details such as the patch pockets on the sides,” adds Jaime Martínez, the other half of this tandem in fashion design.

These darker, more neutral greens “work perfectly with checkered, diamond, and striped prints. Pure elegance to feel as if you were heading to spend the weekend at your exclusive golf club. We can see it in Dior's Ready to Wear for this fall, with tartan skirts combined with bottle green bags and black and white accessories, one of the combos since the beginnings of golf, as Adidas also demonstrates with two-tone sneakers or in a whole to green,” adds stylist Simona Federico, professor at the Istituto Marangoni in Milan. Already in brown tones, which unite the golf aesthetic with equestrian fashion, we find corduroy and wool from brands from our country such as Yerse, with looks that denote the good taste of every golf girl.

Another of the garments most used by golf players and which, as has happened with tennis, has been installed on the street for decades, is the polo shirt. In fact, for this Ryder Cup 2023, the Ralph Lauren brand has partnered with the PGA of America as an official supplier to the American team, providing uniforms, outerwear and custom clothing made with the best high-performance fabrics and a modern design. .

Beyond the white, blue and red creations, as a tribute to the American flag, the white sweatshirt with the iconic Ralph Lauren bear holding the championship trophy stands out. And, of course, Lacoste once again makes a hole in one with its new collection of green polo shirts and thermal garments for long days in the countryside.

There are many athletes from other sports who have highlighted the serenity that playing golf brings them and, in turn, the need for the great mental strength required to play it. Patience and persistence, like in a good game of tennis, basketball, hockey or baseball. If we add this concentration to avoid distractions and the ability to take refuge in an environment that exudes comfort and healthy rest, we will understand why interior design has also echoed that aura that golf and the chromaticism associated with it give off.

Nanimarquina has several rugs in green, ocher and brown tones, but without a doubt nothing like the Little Flowers in the Field model to feel outdoors in our living room or bedroom. We also find furniture from other renowned brands in the same line. This is the case of the Scandinavian Hay, with stools, tables, lamps and even a drinks cart in green tones, as if we were in a country club. For their part, Royal Botania and Roche Bobois offer us ideal indoor or outdoor solutions to achieve this luxurious country atmosphere that our guests will envy.

Finally, always keeping in mind that a single piece can give life to a space, there is nothing like opting for the Missoni cushions and, for the children's room, for the Charles elephant