Titan OS, more European televisions

Jacinto Roca still has time left.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
12 February 2024 Monday 15:28
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Titan OS, more European televisions

Jacinto Roca still has time left. After founding the Wuaki.tv platform and selling it to the Japanese giant Rakuten, the businessman has launched a new adventure in the software and television sector. Titan OS: an operating system that is installed on televisions.

“This technology has always been under the control of Google, Amazon, Roku, Samsung and LG. Now, from Europe, we intend to compete against these giants from Asia and the United States,” says the entrepreneur, who left the direction of Rakuten TV three years ago.

The Titan OS project would not be understood without its alliance with the Dutch multinational Philips. “Together we detected the need to offer an operating system that could adapt to all types of devices. The Philips subsidiary, TP Vision, was already developing similar technology and we decided to bet on this idea by creating Titan OS as an independent company."

The new company, based in Barcelona, ​​has assumed the staff of the former subsidiary, made up of a hundred people who work distributed between the headquarters in Barcelona (30) and the delegations in Amsterdam and Taipei.

“We have obtained 6 million euros to launch the project. The funds come from prominent investors and executives who work in companies like Disney,” says Roca, who advances that he hopes to raise 20 million euros more by the end of the year.

At the moment, the Titan OS operating system can be found on Philips devices (which previously used the Google system) and on JVC brand televisions in the United Kingdom and the Nordic countries. “This year, we hope to close agreements with five television manufacturers. In Europe and Latin America we have the opportunity to reach 40% of the television market. The rest is controlled by North American and Asian giants,” says Roca.

Titan OS aims to monetize the service through advertising. “We are going to broadcast ads in the interface that the user views when they are choosing the content they want to see. Of this advertising revenue, the television manufacturers are going to take a part and we will take another part. It is a new idea in the market,” details the businessman, who prefers not to share results forecasts.

Another way to earn income will consist of offering free content to the user in exchange for charging a commission to the platforms that broadcast it. Titan OS has already closed agreements with Netflix, Prime Video, Disney, DAZN and with Love TV Channel, a company that Roca also leads from Barcelona.