The news and the most anticipated returns of the new television season

After two seasons of leadership of Antena 3 in the audience ranking, the new leadership of Telecinco shakes its grill to once again plant battle.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
26 August 2023 Saturday 10:27
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The news and the most anticipated returns of the new television season

After two seasons of leadership of Antena 3 in the audience ranking, the new leadership of Telecinco shakes its grill to once again plant battle. The goodbye to Sálvame and the transfer to the afternoons of Ana Rosa Quintana has caused all the big chains to make a move. Many novelties and some returns and changes in the chain of presenters mark the 2023/24 season.


The chain maintains its commitment to family entertainment and internationally successful formats. In this area, the promotion for the premiere of The Floor has already started, a contest that will be presented by Manel Fuentes and in which one hundred contestants will fight to win territory on a gigantic LED floor divided into as many squares that they will try to conquer by challenging their opponents, each one of them representing a different category of knowledge. Another internationally successful format that will land on the channel is the British contest El 1%, with Arturo Valls at the helm. New seasons for La voz (now with Luis Fonsi, Malú, Pablo López and Antonio Orozco as coaches), Mask Singer (Alaska and Ana Milán will join the fourth season to be recorded this fall), El desafío and Joaquín, el rookie.

As for the news magazines, Y ahora Sonsoles consolidates its time advance at six in the afternoon and in the morning Susanna Griso's Espejo público will offer a second part dedicated to the social chronicle under the direction of the former director of Sálvame, Alberto Díaz . In fiction, the open premiere of Cristo y Rey will arrive and the goodbye of the daily series Amar es para siempre after eleven years on the air.


Fighting with Telecinco for the second position in the ranking of audiences in Spain (in July it achieved it and this August it is on its way to repeat), La 1 remodels its grid with two outstanding additions: Jaime Cantizano will present Mañaneros , which will be broadcast after La hora de La 1, and Jordi González, who after presenting Lazos de sangre this summer, will occupy the afternoons of La 1 with La plaza. After the success of the daily series La promesa, La 1 doubles its bet with a second fiction. La Moderna Tea Room is based on the novel Tea Rooms by Luisa Carnés, and follows several employees of a distinguished tea room near Puerta del Sol in Madrid in 1930. Its cast includes Miryam Gallego, José Luis García- Pérez, Llorenç González and Berta Castañé.

In entertainment, the big bet is El conquistador, an extreme adventure contest that mixes adventure, sport and survival and has been a success on Basque television for two decades. Raquel Sánchez Silva and Julián Iantzi are its presenters. On the other hand, Dúos increibles will have a second edition that will feature artists such as Carlos Baute, Coti, David de María, David Summers, Diana Navarro, María del Monte, Paloma San Basilio and Rafa Sánchez on its roster. And MasterChef Celebrity will reach its eighth edition with participants such as Eduardo Casanova, Jorge Sanz, Toñi Moreno, Tania Llasera, Palito Dominguín, Blanca Romero, Álvaro Muñoz Escassi, Genoveva Casanova, the Los Morancos duo and Jesulín de Ubrique, among others.


This season is not one more on Telecinco. A new stage begins with Ana Rosa Quintana in charge of leading the afternoons with TardeAR while in the morning the political gathering will arrive La mirada crítica, with Ana Terradillos, and Vamos a ver, a current affairs magazine and social chronicle with Joaquín Prat and Patricia Pardo. As a great novelty, the return of Big Brother VIP, absent from the grid since 2019 as a result of the flight of advertisers due to the case of sexual abuse of Carlota Prado. This eighth edition will be presented by Marta Flich while the debates will be led by Ion Aramendi. The other great novelty will be the return of Jorge Javier Vázquez after his medical leave with Cuentos chinos , an interview program in direct competition with El hormiguero .

Carlos Sobera will also premiere a new format, El musical de tu vida, in which the career of a famous person will be reviewed through different musical numbers. The open broadcast of season 13 of La que se avecina and the premiere of the third installment of Entrevías, the novelties in fiction. In the field of entertainment, the public will find a new edition of Got Talent Spain.


Boris Izaguirre will reach the chain twice. Starting in September, he will present, together with Adela González (who returns to La Sexta after her stages on ETB, Telemadrid and Telecinco), the magazine Más vale sábado, which will combine current affairs and live entertainment; and on a date to be determined it will arrive Disassembling, an innovative format that travels through time and space and that has recreations of moments, places and structures. Mérida, Sevilla and Galicia, the first stops.


Raúl Goméz presents In Search of Nirvana, a twist on the reality show in which regular contestants of the genre will compete to find themselves far from their brilliant shared life on social networks. More novelties are WAGS: They also play, a docuseries about soccer players' wives; and On Guard: Women Against Crime, which follows female agents in bodies such as the Civil Guard. Out of coverage prepares her return with Alejandra Andrade after four years of absence.