Rauw Alejandro starts his tour of Europe and will pass through the city of Rosalía

Rauw Alejandro is back at work.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
25 August 2023 Friday 16:26
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Rauw Alejandro starts his tour of Europe and will pass through the city of Rosalía

Rauw Alejandro is back at work. After his break with Rosalía, the singer has decided to undertake an intense tour of Europe - from August 26 to October 2 - in which he will not lack spotlights to monitor each of his words and movements out of the script in view of his newly released condition single and also waiting for how the public reacts, a compatriot of his ex-partner Rosalía, in places like Barcelona.

In an empty Instagram as a clean slate, the singer has published this Friday a video in which he announces the schedule of his tour, which precisely begins this Saturday. There will be eight stops throughout the country, from the performance that tonight will take him to the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, to the one that on September 16 will put the finishing touch on this journey in Tenerife, specifically in Costa Adeje Golf.

In between, the Puerto Rican star can be heard singing in Palma de Mallorca (Son Fusteret, this Sunday, August 27), in Bilbao (BEC, September 2), in Seville (La Cartuja Olympic Stadium, September 9), in Madrid (Wizink Center, September 10) and in Murcia (Espacio Nuevo La Condomina, September 15).

The memory will be especially inevitable when he passes through the Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona on September 1, where a little over a year ago he performed in praise of crowds at the RCDE Stadium with Rosalía herself as a spectator, to whom he dedicated the song " That Nap ZzZz".

"I am from Puerto Rico, but now Barcelona is the meva ciutat (it is my city)," he proclaimed in Catalan at the time, given the close relationship he had established with the birthplace of his ex-partner.

Rauw Alejandro himself has contributed to fueling the morbidity around the breakup after almost three years together by having released a new song entitled "Hayami Hana" at the beginning of August, in which he says goodbye to what was his girlfriend.

"I will be many things but never unfaithful, she always had the key to my cell phone, this was something else that is not in my power," says the song, a kind of plea against those who accuse him of having deceived the Catalan artist .

On rest since June, when he landed in Mexico, so far he has not had the opportunity to sing it live and there is no doubt as to whether he will take advantage of his time in Spain to include it in the repertoire.

The ones that seem to play out, seen from what has been seen in his latest live performances, are the sensual and romantic "Vampiros" and "Beso", two of the songs included in the EP that Rosalía and he released together just a few months ago. and that it constituted their first artistic collaboration.

In principle, there will be more than thirty cuts that will be part of these shows, punctuated by his four albums on the market, from "Afrodisíaco" (2020) to the recent "Playa Saturno" (2023), with special emphasis on the successful " Vice Versa" (2021), which contained the hit "Por ti".

With this theme, one of the highlights of his current "show", Raúl Alejandro Ocasio Ruiz (San Juan, 1993) will try to demonstrate why a third tour to Spain is justified regardless of who his partner is as well as his status as one of the great figures of Latin urban music, with a Latin Grammy in their possession.