On behalf of all Catalans, no

My family doesn't want me to write about politics.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
15 September 2023 Friday 10:28
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On behalf of all Catalans, no

My family doesn't want me to write about politics. They are fed up, tired of the subject. They told me this Monday after a Diada that has ceased to be an expression of Catalan sentiment and more self-government to be monopolized by the most fierce independence movement. It only seems attractive to those who have stopped the clock on 1-O and who continue to err and error, either out of naivety or self-deception, in a kind of parallel world where neither the Spanish nor the European legal system exists and where everything is possible.

It is undeniable that the chimera of independence through infused science has lost steam since 2017 in Catalonia and the atmosphere has relaxed. But there are still thousands of supporters and their slogans are unequivocal. The problem is not that Dolors Feliu chants from the ANC rostrum that “independence or elections”, but that those who now, due to electoral arithmetic, condition the governability of that Spain from which they want to leave, do so. He worries me that the parties with a presence in the whole of Spain do not have a project for Catalonia and only go against the proposals made by the nationalist parties, as already happened in the 'procés'.

Sorry, I can't stop writing about what I observe.

Furthermore, with all my respect I ask Carles Puigdemont to stop using the majestic plural “nosaltres” with which the former president includes all Catalans. It is so true that Puigdemont exercises moral leadership over certain social sectors and that dialogue between Catalonia and Spain should never be denied an opportunity. However, it is worth remembering that Junts won seven deputies in the general elections on June 23.

I suppose that, like other citizens in Catalonia, what I fear most is that tension will return. In the years of the 'procés', considered damaged and sunk with the pardons, another process advanced in parallel: that of the anxiety of Catalan society. Wherever you went it was palpable in the atmosphere, in the mood of the people, in the level of tolerance. Not again, please. To turn the page (if you prefer, resolve the Catalan conflict) will require much more than an amnesty. It is difficult to believe that they will not “do it again”, when they repeat it either directly or in a suggested way with the vindication of not renouncing the unilateral route. Then there is the avalanche of nonsense. Standardization? What normalization...!, if right now there is almost nothing normal. There are, let's see: the drift of some independentists, the sleight of hand of Pedro Sánchez, a president and a "legitimate president" who are ill-advised and each one on their own, and finally an unleashed PP that calls for the barricades.

Everything is for reconciliation, the mantra of Sánchez's PSOE to justify that the negotiation with Puigdemont is not in exchange for an investiture. Well, I hope I'm right, because sometimes I think that the fix (which I don't fix) of the Catalan problem that is supposed to come with the amnesty could contribute to entrenching it or, worse, exacerbating it.

Amnesty, German-style impunity law,... I have no idea what fits or doesn't fit into the Constitution, and what's more, the State is in front of us. I do know that there should be something non-negotiable: the explicit renunciation of means contrary to the law. A “we will not do it again” with all the letters. Or Puigdemont abides. Or Tezanos decides.