Musk's SOS to sign "those who know about software" after the mass exodus

Twitter is leaking and Elon Musk launched an SOS this Friday.

19 November 2022 Saturday 05:34
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Musk's SOS to sign "those who know about software" after the mass exodus

Twitter is leaking and Elon Musk launched an SOS this Friday.

With the platform thrown into chaos, following a massive employee march, its new owner launched a flurry of pleading tweets, something that was a bad fit for his personality. “Anyone who actually programs software, please report to the tenth floor, at two o'clock today. Thank you Elon ”, he pointed out in the two paragraphs of him.

After half an hour, he insisted on requesting the collaboration of those who know about codes and have done so in the last six months.

Musk then encouraged those concerned to fly to San Francisco to appear in person. “I'll be at the venue late this Friday and back on Saturday,” he explained. The interviews would be technical and brief to ascertain if they knew about the tech stack, a term used in the company for the system related to software.

He also reported that those who have authorization to work remotely could do the interview via video. "Only those who cannot travel to the Twitter headquarters or have the excuse of a family emergency," she clarified.

This is the clear demonstration that his ultimatum, which concluded on Thursday and in which he demanded that the employees stay to work piecework or leave, has been turned against him. His plea for labor came after the offices closed until Monday due to the mass exodus he led.

Once he took command, the $44 billion buyout completed, Musk decimated the workforce. Of the 7,500 on the payroll, around 50% remained, about 3,700. So, several executives decided to slam the door. And the effect of the ultimatum would have caused the departure of another 1,200 workers.

Many of those who have left are engineers who are responsible for fixing bugs or preventing service outages, which puts the platform's stability in question. Musk, on Thursday night, despised those who left and maintained that the situation was not serious because "the best have stayed", which he himself denied with his SOS.

He had already held meetings with key engineers to convince them to continue. However, internal messages showed that many engineers and other employees were posting farewell messages as the time set by the boss approached. There were a lot of goodbye emojis.

He also announced, in his freedom of expression policy, which means opening doors to toxic messages, the reinstatement of the account of three users who were expelled, but qualified: "The decision on Trump has not yet been made."



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