Tina Brown: Britain's royals: It's a great family story

The British royal family is sometimes called "The Firm." Queen Elizabeth II, the firm's CEO has held the position for seven decades.

Muhammed Kayan
Muhammed Kayan
24 April 2022 Sunday 10:04
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Tina Brown: Britain's royals: It's a great family story

The Queen celebrated her 96th Birthday three days ago with cannon-fire, and the release a photo she took with two of her horses. This was one year after her husband's death.

Tina Brown, a well-known editor on both sides, said that Tina Brown is a great-grandmother who loves her job and "She's a work great-grandmother." "And she'll continue 'til her last breath, it's true.

Brown stated that it was a higher calling for the queen. She made it to Prince Philip’s memorial, despite being in serious health problems. She has an extraordinary ability to make things happen for herself.

She writes, "The Palace Papers - Inside the House of Windsor: The Truth and the Turmoil" (Crown), that "Smiling though maximum discomfort is their most valuable skill."

Brown's new book, which chronicles the past quarter century, is one of the most challenging and scandalous periods in the history the monarchy. Now, there are more upheavals.

Mo Rocca, Correspondent asked: "The transition of Queen Elizabeth to King Charles – how is that going to go?"

Brown responded, "Well, I think there is a lot anxiety, obviously."

Although the queen is a monarch she's not immortal. Charles, her son, will one day ascend to the throne. "We are going from a 96 year-old CEO to a 72 year-old successor, whom everybody knows a lot about, probably too much about. Charles is a clear example of this.

The world has endlessly dissected Charles and Princess Diana's unhappy marriage (he was killed in a Paris car accident in 1997) and his eventual marriage eight years later to Camilla Parker-Bowles, the woman he had been closest to for most of his life.

Rocca stated, "I was at lunch some years ago and I casually mentioned that Camilla is my favorite person." My friend's mother shot darts at me, and she said, "How dare that you say that about that lady!"

"Yeah, no, I'm sure," said Brown. There are still people who feel strongly about this. The irony of it all is that Charles was a great lover of her. She's become a beloved figure, instead of being a hated figure. The queen recently stated that she would like to see Camilla become queen. This was something that had been somewhat in balance.

"Will she be known by the title Queen Camilla?"

"She will now be known as Queen Camilla. This was in a sense a brilliant piece estate planning by the queen."



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