Airline offers bunk beds to economy class passengers

Economy class passengers will have the opportunity to sleep on actual beds during flights for the first time.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
01 July 2022 Friday 22:15
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Airline offers bunk beds to economy class passengers

Economy class passengers will have the opportunity to sleep on actual beds during flights for the first time.

Air New Zealand announced that its Skynest concept will be included on its new Boeing 787 Dreamliners. It features six full-length sleeping pods.

The pods in the sleep zone are located between Economy and Premium Economy cabins. They include a full-size mattress, bedding, and a USB port. Each pod is stacked in a manner similar to a bunk bed, with three beds per row.

CNN Travel was contacted by an Air New Zealand representative who said that although the details of the booking process are still being worked out, he did offer some insight into the possible layout.

The rep explained that each passenger would be restricted to four hours in a pod at this stage. This will add to the cost of their Economy class seats. Customers can sleep for around 90 minutes on average so a four hour session allows them to relax, fall asleep, and get up again.

Each session will see the bedding being changed.

Air New Zealand has some of the longest flights anywhere on the planet so the beds are a welcome relief for those who can't sleep upright.

Air New Zealand will launch nonstop flights between Auckland, New Zealand and New York's JFK Airport in September 2022. What is the flight duration? It took 17 hours, making it the longest continuously scheduled passenger flight in the world.

Greg Foran, CEO of Air New Zealand said that New Zealand's unique location places it in a unique position for leading on the ultra-long haul travel experience.

We have focused on comfort, sleep and wellbeing because we understand how important it is to our customers that they arrive at work well rested. They want to be ready to go whether they're heading to a meeting or their first holiday spot.

The new offerings include the 'Business Premier Luxe Suites'

The hard part is creating innovative seating designs. It is difficult to get them in the air. This involves many tests and approvals from government agencies.

CNN Travel reported the Skynest concept for the first time in 2020. The airline had filed trademark and patent applications in the early 2020s after three years of research and development. This was based on feedback from over 200 customers who were gathered at an Auckland hangar.

It will take two more years, as noted above.

Air New Zealand will also be delivering eight Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners to the airline starting in 2024.

There will be eight to four Business Premier Luxe or Business Premier Luxe seats, 42, 22 or 22 Business Premier seats, 52, 33 Premium Economy or 125 Economy seats.

The six Skynest Sleep pods will be included in the aircraft used for ultra-long-haul flights.

According to Leanne Geraghty, Chief Customer and Sales Officer, "Research has shown that the first night away is the most difficult to get a good nights sleep."

Zentertainment's meditation onscreen content will help customers relax and prepare for sleep.

Not only are Economy Class passengers getting an upgrade, but so is everyone else. These new cabins will include "Business Premier Luxe" suites that offer extra privacy.

These seats will have all the amenities of Business Premier, but they also come with a fully closed door and plenty of space for two.