Why You Read About The Upgrade, Before You Upgrade

Why You Read About The Upgrade, Before You Upgrade

09 October 2019 Wednesday 15:05
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Why You Read About The Upgrade, Before You Upgrade

We all love technology and the good that comes with it. This is especially true when it comes to smartphones. Every now and again, we get a new smartphone on the market and we flock to buy it. And as soon as we get a new smartphone we get a new upgrade of the device that we already had. And because we are so keen to keep up with the trends we press the update as soon as see the button pop up. However, as good and as pleasing as that may be, we do have a bit of advice that we can give you before you update your smartphone to the latest operating system.

What To Do Before You Update Your Smartphone Software

Read Reviews

Take a few lessons from real money gamblers who play online casino games at us casinos. When a new game is released, they make sure that they read reviews about it before the play it. That should be the same thing that you should do. Make sure that you read the review before you go and update it. This is because as much as it may be the latest the software upgrade, it may not be compatible with your phone. In addition, the upgrade may do more harm than good.

Back Up, Before you Update

While some updates may be harmless and integrate seamlessly with your phone, with some it us not that easy. That is why we advise you to back up your important data before you upgrade your phone. Some upgrades may totally reset your pone to factory settings, and we know the pain that comes with trying to get back all those applications that you would have lost.

Use “Safe-Mode”

Most devices come with the option of using “safe mode”. This means that your phone will be updated, but none of your personal data such as sensitive information like bank passwords, nz sports betting sites lists, contact numbers etc will be lost. That way you have the guarantee that even if the upgrade was not compatible with your phone, you can still have all your data untouched.



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