Tricks and tips to get more reach on TikTok

TikTok is the fashionable social network, especially among young people.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
02 June 2023 Friday 04:54
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Tricks and tips to get more reach on TikTok

TikTok is the fashionable social network, especially among young people. Although Instagram insists on giving priority to its Reels section, the truth is that the users of the first do not stop growing, eager to discover what the fashion of the platform of Chinese origin is due to.

So much so, that there is a whole phenomenon of content creators –or influencers– whose fame was born on TikTok, this being their main and sometimes even exclusive channel. For this reason, there are many people who want to be part of the 'tiktoker' universe, with the intention of achieving greater reach and views on their videos.

Although the TikTok algorithm is a mystery, there are small tips you can follow to make your content successful, reach more views and interactions and, hopefully, you can find a place among the well-known faces of the platform. Ready to take notes?

You must be constant when publishing if you do not want to be forgotten by the algorithm. According to reports from TikTok, to have growth you must publish three to five videos per week. Now, uploading quality content is much more important than quantity.

Your videos should be interesting, entertaining, or surprising, depending on the type of content you typically create. You must contribute something new and that captures the attention of users. If someone watches your entire video or, even better, watches it several times, TikTok will detect that it's good and show it to other profiles. In this sense, it is better to make short videos than long ones, since people are more likely to see the entire video.

The interactions are points in favor so that your content has a greater reach. To do this, you can try formulas such as asking users questions or asking them to send it to that friend who is reminded of the video. On the other hand, try to comment on other users' videos and respond to comments on your videos, to encourage interactions.

Viral trends are those videos that various users are recreating. It could be a challenge, a sound or song that is taking the world by storm, or a filter that is causing a sensation. You will have to be aware of when something becomes fashionable to ride the wave before it is past water, as trends change at a dizzying pace.

Finally, don't underestimate the power of hashtags to rank your content. Try to be specific, as this increases the chances of capturing an audience interested in the topic you usually talk about. It is common to see hashtags with words like