Top Reasons Every Business Should Invest in a Reliable VPN

Top Reasons Every Business Should Invest in a Reliable VPN

02 January 2019 Wednesday 13:01
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Top Reasons Every Business Should Invest in a Reliable VPN

Virtual private network or VPN is a technology that allows you to create a secured network connection even when using a local network or public Wi-Fi at coffee shop. In this virtual world having a reliable VPN is important for small business as they need internet connection in their arsenal.

Due to the increasing ratio of cyber-attacks and hacking attempts, VPNs are becoming more popular not only in individuals but in organizations and companies as well. As they can create dedicated secure connections using several encryption protocols to provide users with virtual connections, encrypted web traffic ensures that cyber criminals and hackers cannot gain access to you or your business. That’s why, security experts always suggest companies and business settings use of virtual private network along with firewall and anti-malware protection to keep all their business activities and transactions private from malicious persons.

Here are the smart reasons why VPN is the great thing to help businesses of all sizes to prosper in this era of huge competition.

Reduced Risks of Security Breaches and Cyberattacks

We are living in the digital world where anyone can become the victim of cyberattacks & security breaches and unsecured network can be one of the major reasons. Cyber criminals attack individuals and organizations daily but only the major breaches are highlighted. However, investing in a well rated PIA VPN could be a great step to decrease the probability your business/company will be attacked by hackers.

Enhanced Business Productivity

Employees who are aware of internet vulnerabilities always cautious of connecting with the open and local networks and wait for secured connections to get the things done what they want even when on the go. But if you will provide them with a reliable VPN solution, they will be able to execute several business activities even in the coffee shop or by using open Wi-Fi in subway. It will definitely enhance overall operational efficiency and productivity of your business. In simple words, having access to reliable VPN can be a plus point for remote workers.

They Let you Stay in your Home Country Even if you are in Abroad

If your employees travel a lot and still they want to browse internet without changing their location and IP, VPN can be a requirement. For example, if they are travelling away from the United States and they need to browse the content which is geo restricted in other countries, they can simply turn the VPN on and can choose the United States as their current location to surf the web as per their needs. Even if some of your customers are wary of IPs and location when they receive emails from your side, use of a VPN can come in handy in such situation also.

Setback the Oppressive Government Censorships

If your Government prohibits you from browsing some specific sites that are of your need, a virtual private network could be your best companion to allow you surf such sites easily. A VPN can allow you to access all the sites and materials you need to use but banned/blocked in your country. Web traffic is encrypted when a VPN is connected which means all your online activities are private and cannot be tracked.

Secured VOIP phone calls

Since VOIP is an affordable and quick way to make phone calls to overseas client or customers, these calls can be tracked or hacked by bad guys to gain access to confidential details and information of your business and customers. Hence, you can make all your VOIP call secure with help of a VPN solution. Making VOIP call secure can be one of the major reasons why businesses should invest in virtual private networks.

Bypass IP Banning

As a digital marketing agency you may face IP banning issues while helping your clients reaching target audience by using several marketing tactics like forum posting, blog comments or social media marketing etc. most of the highly reputed sites and online communities have systems at place to recognize IPs from specific country or location and ban them from posting comments or publishing posts and deny you access the site by blocking your IP address. In such situation, use of a VPN can help you visit and view such sites easily by changing your location and IP address. In simple words, a virtual private network can make you able to work with all the sites and online communities you really want to work with.

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