The new features of GPT-4 that will leave you speechless

The GPT-4 is already a reality.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
15 March 2023 Wednesday 07:50
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The new features of GPT-4 that will leave you speechless

The GPT-4 is already a reality. The newly created OpenAI language model has already replaced GPT-3.5 in its paid version. As the company has explained, GPT-4's abilities are greater than those of its predecessor. Among its main advances, it stands out that it can be shown an image and asked for some type of response related to it, as if it had vision.

Despite the fact that GPT-4 has only been active for a few hours, several users have already shared on social networks what the new evolution of OpenAI chat is capable of. In this sense, the artificial intelligence expert and popularizer @LinusEkenstam has published a thread on Twitter in which he has collected different examples that show a large part of the possibilities offered by this new language model that has just been presented.

For example, the user @skirano has made artificial intelligence code the mythical video game Pong (based on table tennis) in less than 60 seconds. GPT-4 has been able to do it without any problems and on the first try.

For his part, the user @Shpigford has found a much less playful functionality. It is about tracking charges made to our bank accounts or credit cards. The operation is very simple: we enter the description of the charge we have received in our banking app or website and we ask artificial intelligence to track the establishment.

In a matter of seconds, GPT-4 is capable of giving us details of the identity of the company that carries out the charge, as well as other data such as the day or time of the operation.

Another feature of GPT-4 that can change our lives is the one presented by @jbrowder1. This lawyer has made artificial intelligence capable of transcribing lawsuits with just a click.

For now, it has been implemented to denounce telephone advertising companies. Once an unwanted call is received, artificial intelligence is activated to capture the content of the call and draft a corresponding demand in a matter of seconds.

The user @rowancheung has found another functionality in GPT-4 that will change many realities, especially among students. This is the ability to digitize notes taken by hand.

In the example that he shares on his Twitter account, Cheung shows us how artificial intelligence is capable of capturing an image of some notes taken by hand, processing and digitizing them to the point that it is capable of generating a simple web page with them.

Finally, @danshipper presents us with another advance in artificial intelligence applied to the medical world. If a drug name is entered into it, GPT-4 is able to find drugs with similar properties, minimally modify their composition to ensure they are not patented, and even make a purchase of the same compound.

As GPT-4 continues to be a part of our lives, more and more features will be found in it. At the moment, these are some of the most outstanding when the new service has only been active for OpenAI clients for just 24 hours.