Should we Ban New Technologies?

Should we Ban New Technologies?

04 September 2019 Wednesday 10:04
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Should we Ban New Technologies?

Technology is one of the most, if not the most dynamic thing out there. And this basically means that it changes and evolves with each passing day. And because of that, we have new things being introduced to the market every day. And so the question is should we ban new technology or not.

Effects of New Technology

Scientifically for every cause, there is a direct effect. Meaning to say that for everything that happens, there will an effect. Just like when trying to make money betting on sports, when you place a bet, you may either win or lose. This will not happen on its own but will happen as a result of playing. The same is true with new technology. For every new advancement that comes, there has to be an effect. We may not be able to see it, but in the future it will be noticeable.

Therefore, does this mean that we shouldn’t move forward? With the new technologies, come new ways of doing things. And we know for a fact that new ways of doing things mean that the tasks are done faster. Meaning that we can be more productive and more efficient than we were before.

However, some of these new innovations tend to be useless. Not useless, but they can barely last 3 months on shelves before something better reaches the shelves. Therefore meaning that the company that would be in charge of the older version will suffer looses.

Even though this may be the case, there are some people who prefer the old to the new. Meaning to say that even with the new technologies, they will still prefer the old ones. Such that even though the company may suffer losses, they will not be as severe. According to a sports betting portal nowadays sports gamblers prefer visiting online betting sites rather than the land-based sports betting venues. This is because betting online is convenient and easy to place bets.

So should we ban new technologies and use the ones that we have now? But we do that does that not mean that we will forever be behind and not move forward? Maybe, we should continue to introduce new technologies and allow the public to choose which they want to use, between the old and the new. 



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