Replace legacy time and attendance systems now

Replace legacy time and attendance systems now

19 October 2017 Thursday 13:42
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Replace legacy time and attendance systems now

The world has moved far beyond systems such as written time sheets, punch sheets and the like. Even some electronic time and attendance systems have gone out of vogue on account of the fact that they allow time leakages to occur, and may also not be as efficient as one would expect them to be.

The use of most of these legacy systems means that the data captured using these systems have to then be converted into a format convenient to be stored in computerized systems. This is usually done using spreadsheets. Now, spreadsheets mean high chances of error and also results in duplication of work which results in additional effort. These are characteristics you dont wish to associate with your time and attendance system.

Take a look below at the factors at play to quickly decide if the time and attendance system in use at your organization needs to be replaced, or rather, upgraded.

Digital systems are superior to paper and spreadsheets

Ring out inefficiency and errors and ring in accuracy and convenience into your time and attendance management systems by putting digitized systems in place. Such convenience and accuracy are virtually impossible to achieve with legacy systems such as paper or even spreadsheets. Time leakages or stolen time also ceases to be a reality once digitized systems are introduced. Lets not even get into the amount of manual work eliminated with digitized systems in place. Digitized systems ensure that accuracy is maintained and the flow of information from HR systems such as the time and attendance system is carried out smoothly. None of this is possible in case paper or spreadsheets are in use.

Time and attendance system to complement organizational structure

By now youre clear that digital wins over spreadsheets and physical systems. But where to from here, given the market has on offer a number of types of digital time and attendance systems on offer? Whats interesting is that each of these different types of systems has been built to suit a certain type of organization. So it is your organizations structure you will have to look at to determine what type of system would work best for your organization.

The various systems available in the market today are the following: those that allow log in from a single standalone kiosk on the office premises, mobile phone-based time and attendance systems, etc. Now, if your employees are mostly on the go, the latter makes sense, else the former would be more suitable for your organization. You can go about making your decision so on and so forth.

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