Laptop crashed? Get up to 1GB Free Data Recovery With Stellar!

In this day and age laptops, computers and mobile phones are nothing but a necessity for one's survival

03 July 2020 Friday 07:08
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Laptop crashed? Get up to 1GB Free Data Recovery With Stellar!

In this day and age laptops, computers and mobile phones are nothing but a necessity for one's survival. If something happens to these appliances or the data it contains gets compromised furthermore it can have a disastrous effect on our lives as most of our livelihood depends on them. Recently my laptop faced a similar misfortune wherein I lost all my vital files including invaluable memories in the form of photos, videos, and much more. I was frantic to find a backup for recovering my lost data at the earliest. I performed a vigorous Google search and asked a couple of my friends regarding the same. The name that unanimously came up was Stellar Free Data Recovery Software. Stellar Free Data Recovery Software is a prominent and well-established data recovery software and its fundamental task is to make your data recovery experience smooth and uncomplicated. The software has a 'Single tool for free recovery of all file formats' thus making the whole experience 100% secure, transparent, and thus reliable.

Why Stellar is the best in the market:

The main features include: Recovery of any file format, creating Rebootable recovery media, repairing corrupt videos, photos, encrypted drive recovery, and Advanced RAID Recovery. The free version can help you recover up to 1 GB data completely free of cost! If one requires data recovery beyond the 1GB limit then Stellar has got you covered. It has a Professional version that comprises all the features of the free version along with several advanced and additional benefits which include recovery from lost partition, unbootable system recovery, optical media recovery, repairing corrupt files, and virtual drive recovery to name a few. It has a Professional version available at $79.9 and a Premium version at $99.9 which has an abundance of different elements as well eg: Virtual Drive Recovery and simultaneous recovery of multiple photos and videos. Unlike other software, Stella is evidently advanced than its contemporaries.

If we are to take away a quick comparison that I came up with while researching :

Comparing Stellar with the rest

EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard pro has varied Mac and Windows versions creating a problem for its users wherein Stella's same version works perfectly fine in both Mac and Windows.

If we are to compare Stellar with Crashplan, the latter has a noticeable issue of not backing up by file type which is clearly disadvantageous to the buyer.

Piriform Recuva another major brand in the data recovery software business also falls short of expectations when compared to Stellar. It lacks advanced features and has an overall unappealing user interface.

Paragon Backup And Recovery has no cloud backup and in addition to that, the support forum isn't supremely active either.

Thus from the detailed analysis and drawing a comparison one can easily conclude that Stellar is the best derivative in the market when it comes to data recovery especially because it offers a varied range of packages to choose from and provides hassle-free service.

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