How Does “Winning The Game of Money” Work?

How Does “Winning The Game of Money” Work?

15 September 2019 Sunday 12:38
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How Does “Winning The Game of Money” Work?

If you are looking to enter the entrepreneurial waters, or if you already run your own business but want to step up your game, then you are probably checking out online “success courses”. There are a lot of them out there, so you really have no excuse. If something fails to work for you, just pick a different approach!

One of the popular courses lately is Winning The Game of Money, presenting financial gain as a matter of mindset. It promises to teach you to “think like a rich person” and improve your fiscal condition in just ninety days. But how does it work? You probably want to know that before investing money in it!

The course has twelve major phases (“levels”). Each of them aims at one big aspect of your “money thinking” and teaches you how to rewire your brain for success.

The Money Mindset

The initial phase teaches you about the “money story”. Your first step is to become conscious of your own attitude towards money and what mental relationship you have with it.

The way to do this is to start actively paying attention to your own reactions to the idea itself. How do you feel about it? What do you believe about money? Is it a necessary evil, a privilege, a good thing, bad thing overall? How do you talk about money, and how do you use it? These things make up your “story”.

Once you figure them out, you can start identifying what your brain “needs to hear” to get into the optimal attitude.

The Money Resonance

This level has seven steps meant to improve your story. You start reinforcing positive beliefs from step 1, fixing the negative ones. The idea is to think positively in order to attract money to you. It might sound similar to the Law of Attraction (which you can read more about at this link), but make no mistake – this is a legit psychological tool, not New Thought hoo-ha.

Empowering Your Mind

While the first two were all about changing your outlook, this is the step where you get riled up to put it all into practice. This is a sort of transition between theory and application.

Letting Go and Starting Fresh

The first concrete phase has you discarding all your negative opinions on money and negative beliefs about success, including those you were unaware of. In a sense, this is where you start turning your new money story into a new fiscal reality, for which you are given a six-phase process.

Believing is Seeing

Yes, the phrase is reversed on purpose. The fifth level deals with rewiring your subconscious mind into going after success. In other words, the goal of it is to take all those new positive thoughts and push them into the deeper mind strata, in order to make them automatic. From here, the levels get much more action-oriented.

Inside out, Outside In

The halfway milestone is a level of creativity, more precisely, getting it back in gear. The goal of this phase is to get your ideas rolling at full steam, because at the end of the day your success comes from yourself.

This part of the course is dedicated to identifying and manipulating the nine environments that influence our success levels. You can read a comprehensive overview of these environments at this web page:

Leveling Up Your Game and Increasing Momentum

The seventh and eighth phase are all about strengthening your new subconscious settings and erasing your auto-sabotage patterns.

Accelerating Success

Another “in-between step”, where you go from “settings” to “implementation”.

Diving Deeper

You are shown six strategies for controlling your feelings and thoughts.

Maximizing Power

This is a bomb of methods for finally removing any remaining blockages to your goals and boosting your new positive mental patterns even more.

Monetary Success

The final level is essentially goal setting: pick an achievement and plan the steps to win it.

Now that you have an overview of the process, you can make an informed decision about whether this course might work for you. Or maybe you already tried something similar? Tell us your impressions in the comments!



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