Common Signs Your Computer Might Need Maintenance

Common Signs Your Computer Might Need Maintenance

20 September 2019 Friday 16:49
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Common Signs Your Computer Might Need Maintenance

A computer is like any other machine in terms of maintenance – it’s required if you want to get a good life out of it. There are many things that can go wrong with a computer in its everyday use, and identifying the common signs that you might need maintenance soon is a good way to avoid having to spend a lot of money fixing something that could have been fixed for less at an earlier stage. You won’t be able to predict every single thing that can go wrong with your computer, but you should still be able to identify a large number of potential issues.

Unexpected Slowdowns

Performance issues when you least expect them (e.g. when you’re not running any intensive applications) are the most common telltale sign that something is wrong. Unfortunately, they can also be very difficult to diagnose, as they can span across a wide range of root causes. It could be a hardware problem (if your cooling is not working properly, the computer might throttle its own performance to prevent overheating), or you might have some malware eating up your performance. It could also be a legitimate program gone rogue with a memory leak or something like that. The point is, a slowdown is a good sign that your computer needs some work done on it.

Strange Noises

After using your computer for a while, you’re probably used to the sounds it makes, the specific patterns around them, and various similar details. So, it shouldn’t take you long to notice that the machine sounds abnormal in some way. Hearing your hard-drive clicking is something that may require the help of a company like Secure Forensics to address. You never know if that drive is about to reach the end of its lifecycle, and it’s a good idea to be able to save your data in advance.


Much like strange noises, random software inconsistencies can also be indicative of a problem with your computer. If an application doesn’t look like it normally does, this could indicate that something has messed up its configurations behind the scene. Files disappearing or moving around is also a common sign that something is wrong, although it’s another example of an issue that’s difficult to diagnose due to a large number of potential root causes. But in many cases, it’s still good to be able to identify it in the first place.

Note that these won’t always necessarily indicate that something is wrong. Your computer will occasionally slow down, make strange noises, and perform inconsistently, all without having any underlying issues. With time, you’ll gain enough experience to be able to tell those cases apart, and you’ll develop a good intuition for when it’s necessary to take action. And if you’re not sure, it can never hurt to err on the side of caution. Spending a little money to prevent a problem that can cost you hundreds of dollars to repair if it turns out to be real is definitely not a bad deal, all things considered.



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