Why Combat Sports Need to Focus on their Fighters More

Why Combat Sports Need to Focus on their Fighters More

07 August 2019 Wednesday 16:06
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Why Combat Sports Need to Focus on their Fighters More

Back in the 1800s, the art of fighting had no structures, no rules, and no significance. Although times have changed, and laws have been implemented to protect fighters, we should still take into account the unpredictable possibilities of injustice.

Here are a few reasons why combat sports need to care more about their fighters and the situations that may arise during a match.

Fame and Recognition

The reputation and appreciation of a fighter is vital because it is what they live for. There are a group of people who are dedicated and passionate, yet they don’t receive the credit they deserve.

Egyptian fighter Ahmed Amir expressed his frustration about his lack of recognition for his achievements during the Brave Combat Federation back in 2017. Many fighters experience a feeling of failure. They deserve credit for the efforts and struggles they fought for - to be part of combat history.

Emergence of Rules 

In 1982, the tragic boxing match between Ray Mancini and Kim Deuk-Koo controversy changed the sport by reducing the number of rounds, thus amending the 12 round ruling.

Although the rise of regulations has changed since then, we cannot leave the rules as they are. What about cases like the violent behaviors of McGregor? Circumstances such as these need to be taken care of.

Protection needed

Back in 2014, Amateur kickboxer Dennis Munson Jr. died the day of his debut fight. Experts clarify what went wrong that caused the death in the ring, which is believed to be a cascade of errors by fight officials.

Personal injury lawyers such as George T. Bochanis Law Offices could have helped deal with cases like Munson’s and the others, because they understand that “Suffering a personal injury can be physically, emotionally and financially devastating for both you and the people you love.”

It was a little too late for people like Munson and Deuk-Koo, but a personal injury lawyer would allow people to get compensation for what happened if they survive an injury. Their families would also be taken care of is someone was to succumb to their injuries.


The evolution and popularity of fighting in the last 200 years have grown and developed. But, we should construct more laws to protect and prevent fatal accidents from happening in combat sports.

The whole concept of fighting for sport is brutal. But we should always keep in mind when and how dangerous occurrences can get.



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