Top Clubs, Their Value, Revenue And Current Standings

12 November 2020 Thursday 12:17
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Top Clubs, Their Value, Revenue And Current Standings

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Real Madrid is the richest club in Europe with total revenue of €750.9 Million in 2019. The total valuation of the club reaches a staggering amount of €3.8 Billion. After finishing at the second position, Real Madrid reached the top place and finished on top last season.

Real Madrid earned a total of €315.5 Million through the commercials and advertisement deals with their official jersey sponsors Emirates and supplier of kits Adidas. Los Blancos also generated the sum of €251.3 Million from their broadcasting and streaming rights. Ticket sales earned them €143.3 Million.

The club of the century is right now in shambles as most of their players either are injured or can not play due to positive Corona test. That’s why defending champions are struggling a lot to maintain their position and momentum. Currently, they are standing at 4th position in La Liga table after tasting defeat from Valencia at home.


Total revenue generated by FC Barcelona was €690.4 Million last season. The total value of the club reaches €3.6 Billion.  FC Barcelona is the second most valued club in Europe with fandom reaching sky high.

They generated around €223 Million through their broadcasting rights. They also earned a huge amount of €144.8 Million from ticket sales while their sponsorship deals with kit provider Nike and shirt sponsor Qatar Airways brought them the commercial revenue of €322.6 Million.

Despite having many good players, they are still struggling after the resumption of 2020-21 season. They currently stand on 8th position in La Liga score table.


Total revenue in last season reached €666 Million while the total value stands at €3.4 Million making them the third most valued club. They earned €316.1 Million through sponsorship deals. They also earned a huge amount of revenue from shirt sponsor Chevrolet and kit sponsor Adidas. The Red Devils earned €230.4 Million from broadcasting rights and €119.5 Million from ticket sales last season.

From the past few years, Man United have lost their spark and struggle a lot to gain a position in the top four rankings. Right now, they are standing on 14th number in EPL score table.


Bayern Munich stands at 4th place in the most valued club. The total revenue in last season reaches €629.2 Million and the total value reaches €2.7 Billion.

The German side won Bundesliga seven times in a row that increased their overall ticket sales and generated €103.8 Million through ticket sales. Bayern Munich earned €348.7 Million through sponsorship deals with Deutsche Telekom and kit supplier Adidas. Broadcasting and streaming rights earned them €176.6 Million last season.

As usual, they are in good form this season also. European Champions have got a good start until now and leading the Bundesliga by holding 1st position.


M.C.F.C generated revenue of €568.4 Million in 2019 while their total valuation stands at €2.4 Billion that makes Manchester City the fifth wealthiest football club. The club generated €265.7 Million from their commercial and sponsorship deals, out of which the major amount came from main sponsor Etihad Airways and kit sponsor Nike.

The club generated €63.9 Million by ticket sales and their broadcasting rights earned them €238.8 Million more last year.  

They are giving a tough competition to other Premier League teams this season as each game continuously changing points table. They currently stand on 10th number in EPL points table.