The Most Famous Sportsmen in the World

The sporting industry is in its own league of the entertainment world

19 June 2020 Friday 09:50
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The Most Famous Sportsmen in the World

The sporting industry is in its own league of the entertainment world. Therefore, you will find some sports being featured as slot games on your favourite online casino such as cinemacasino online casino. That is why you will find that the sportsmen are just as popular as the Hollywood actors.

So, this article is going to give some sports people that we think almost every single household in the world knows. Here are some of the greatest sports names in the world.

Usain Bolt

Apart from getting the bad boy name in the sports industry, Bolt also has quite a number of medals in his name since the beginning of his career in 2002. He went on to retire at the age of 30 in 2017 after being named one of the best sportsmen in history.

Part of the runner’s name is, “the lightning bolt”, which can be used to highlight what his career looked like. The Jamaican runner also has a few movies in his name as well.

Serena Williams

This tennis legend is popular for quite a number of things. Firstly, she is known as the best friend to one of the most controversial royal names of all time, The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markel. Additionally, she also made an appearance in one of Beyoncé’s videos, ‘Sorry.’

The other part is that she dated one of the most famous rappers right now, Drake. But, apart from all that drama the 38 year-old mother is the best tennis player of all time. Alongside her sister, Venus Williams.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is one of the richest sportsmen that there is. The legend has a shoe enterprise of shoes that has taken the world by storm. Additionally, he has a number of movies and documentaries in his name. Some casino online slots are inspired by him. That’s how big Michael Jordan is.

 The sportsman is also well rounded as he has played both basketball and baseball on a professional level. The 57 year old has now retired but is still one of the biggest names in the sporting industry.

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