Qatar to Permit Gay Football Fans at World Cup on One Condition

Qatar to Permit Gay Football Fans at World Cup on One Condition

09 October 2019 Wednesday 15:07
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Qatar to Permit Gay Football Fans at World Cup on One Condition

As much as homosexuality has become a norm in most countries in the world. It is still illegal in Qatar and those convicted face seven years in prison. Moreover, under the Sharia law gay sex is also illegal meaning that gay Muslims could face the death penalty.

But the one good thing that gay people can cheer about is that they can be at ease in Qatar for the upcoming 2022 World Cup where they will be able to enjoy placing bets at the best nz betting sites and many other sites. All they are required to do is to make sure that they respect Qatar customs and they should not get too close to each other.

 The Chief Executive of the Qatar World Cup 2022 highlighted that they want to assure any fan of any gender, sexual orientation, religion, race that their safety is guaranteed and they are welcome in Qatar.

The organisers hinted that, “a lot of training is taking place amongst the security personnel to make sure that things that are culturally different are seen in that frame”

He also highlighted that there will public displays even they are not part of their culture but it’s something mandatory. “Public displays of affection are frowned upon, it’s not part of our culture but that goes across the board to everybody’’.

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Well you still have a lot of time to prepare isn’t it? So just stay updated on the development that are taking place in Qatar in build-up of this magnificent tourney.



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